Advanced Options Strategies Guide

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If a trade looses stick to your advanced stock option strategies dont chase it, 1 loss and 2 wins equates to a positive balance. Take the time an see why it lost, how was it miss read. Trade indicators, that pretty bar chart that says 34puts, 66 calls is only showing where the money is going generally, doesnt indicate whether they are long term or short term trades just the pool of money.

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The components of the course consist of an overview of solar system objects and an overview of the physical processes that control the evolution of solar system objects since formation. The overview of solar system includes observations of the Sun, planets, asteroids and Kuiper-belt objects, comets, and interplanetary dust.

Specific processes that are discussed include hydrostatic equilibrium, orbital dynamics, radioactive decay, and heat flow. The role of these processes in shaping planetary surfaces and atmosphere is explored. This is the second of a two-semester introductory sequence on astronomy and astrophysics, although it is designed to be a stand-alone course.