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Fully Disclosed, totally mechanical, multi-market, non-optimized, simple rules. Verified by Futures Truth. Andromeda was developed in It was released to the public in April Pegasus was developed in and launched in October of that year.

A letter from the developer My name is Peter Waite. I first began trading in the Commodities Futures markets in the summer of I have traded several systems of different types and trading natures: I have both made and lost significant sums of money trying out numerous different systems, techniques and methodologies.

Clearly those that worked best were the long and intermediary term, trend following simple systems with few rules and parameters and of course same parameter values across all markets. These systems were based on solid trading concepts, solid logic and were profitable across a wide range of parameter values. Those systems that did not posses these characteristics, i. Those systems that were optimized turned out to be a disaster. The result was Andromeda. A year later I followed up with Pegasus, a shorter term, intermediary term system to complement my Andromeda trading.

I consider Andromeda and Pegasus to be better systems than any that I have traded or come across so far. Of course I understand why you may accuse me of being biased. To get an unbiased and expert opinion on my systems I sent the algorithms to George Pruitt at Futures Truth and asked him to take a look at the code and conduct some tests. The reviews and test results were very positive and encouraging, they also closely matched my own tests.

Futures Truth can be reached via telephone at 1 U. I began to trade Andromeda live with my own funds in November and decided to make it available to the public in In I followed up with Pegasus to complement my Andromeda trading. I am a believer in applying an effective systematic approach to the markets, one that plays no role in any type of subjective analysis or decision.

I do feel that based on my two decades of trading experience, my many pitfalls, mistakes and successes, particularly in recent years where I have traded entirely based on systems, I know what works and what does not work. Trying to guess in what direction the markets are going is a waste of time, energy, resources and effort.

I am not so concerned about being right on future market direction but having the right mathematical strategy to make money. Yet over time they make money. This is because when they are wrong they quickly recognize it and get out, cutting losses short. When they are right they hang on for the ride and maximizes the profits. The results are profitable trades that are much larger than the losing trades and hence good net profits over the long term. Andromeda is a long-term approach to trading success and building up your account.

Pegasus operates in the intermediary term time frame, aiming to capture the intermediary term swings within a trend, and works well with Andromeda. Trading both Andromeda and Pegasus is the ideal marriage solution since you are not only diversifying across different markets, but also different systems and most importantly different time frames as well.

Of course, either system can also be traded successfully on its own as well, although you would not be maximizing their potential as when traded together. This type of trading is not a get rich overnight scheme; it requires a l ong term commitment and discipline. The important thing with any trading approach is not what percent of trades are profitable, how often, how fast or slow does it trade, or anything else besides one key issue: There is only one reason you should be trading for and that is to make money.

Finally the equity curve must be consistent; there is no use making all the money in only a couple of years and none the remaining years. Sure there will be losing time periods, all systems go through drawdowns, but the overall equity curve must be relatively smooth and consistent.

In conclusion I feel that I can make the statement that I believe that there are only two ways to make money trading the Futures markets, you either have access to insider or privileged information that the public does not have such access to, or you have a systematical and disciplined approach to trading that has a positive mathematical expectation.

I do not belong to the group with insider information; if I did I would not have bothered to develop Andromeda or Pegasus.

So my only other option was to approach the markets in a systematic and disciplined fashion. The potential for profit in the Futures markets is just too great to ignore. The risk is also high but thankfully a good mathematical approach can greatly help you control it. Andromeda and Pegasus are both fully disclosed systems.

I feel that black box systems are dangerous. You are completely at the mercy of the developer; you blindly trust what was sold to you in the marketing materials and blindly follow every instruction the system tells you. Black Box systems allow the developer to overly optimize and curve fit their systems, then manipulate performance results to show miracle hypothetical track records.

Since the code is hidden and the rules are not disclosed you will never know what happened. With Andromeda and Pegasus this is not the case; as a client of mine you will know everything - nothing is held back. You will know what I know and nothing less.

In the compilation of all of the informational materials, manuals and the website I have directed my efforts at not only promoting Andromeda and Pegasus but more importantly providing an education.

If you are an experienced individual in this area please accept my apologies. I am aware that you may have read material that you quickly identified as something you already knew. It was never my intention to talk to you like a 5 year old. This was a conscious decision. I wanted to reach the lowest common denominator, reach out to most folks.

I can rest assured that if you have read all the materials from start to finish, you should have either learned something or have been reminded of something you already knew.

Even if you decide not to purchase my systems you will now know what to look for, what to avoid and the right questions to ask. This alone represents a victory for me!! Sincerely Peter Addendum Posted June 15'th The letter above was last updated at year's end of Yes there have been losing periods, known in our industry as drawdowns.

All systems and traders alike have them and yes many traders fall by the wayside during these periods of trial. But for those who have stuck to the systems and held on, you are now smiling your way the bank and I congratulate you! Unfortunately the majority of systems break down and go by the wayside a couple of years after release. When they are launched they come on with strong advertising claims to back them up.

Being the new sensation, the brokers jump all over them and push them on their clients. Everything starts off great the first year, then Ok the second year. By the third year they are discontinued by the developer, or more likely some new version of them comes out where obviously they have been changed to keep the historical performance results looking good.

This is the typical pattern that I have seen repeated over the years, again and again and again. There are many reasons why those systems fail. Mostly it is simply because they were overly-optimized or curve-fit. See our page Our Systems vs. Others on this website for more on this.

You get old boring systems that have withstood the toughest test of all: And they have passed this test with flying colors. At any given moment there are hundreds of publicly offered trading systems available.

After all, how many of those are still around after a decade since release and made money consistently since then? All performance figures and illustrations were obtained using historical back testing on a computer and are not the results of U.

Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk.

You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.