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Developers like to use BSON because beast binary data format lightweight with minimal spatial overhead, it's easy to parse, and it means more efficient encoding and decoding. With the release of the Microsoft ASP. BSON objects consist of an ordered list of elements. Each element contains field type, name and value.

Because the BSON format allows for storing various data types, there's no need to convert a string to a given type. This accelerates parsing and data retrieval in comparison to Beast binary data format or other text-based formats. In addition, I'll examine the data structure passed to the client application. The modified beast binary data format can be seen in Listing 1. The complete listing of the WebApiConfig. After all coding changes have been completed, I'll set the index. If you recall this is performed by simply right-clicking on the page in Solution Explorer and selecting Set As Start Page.

The completed CarInventory solution is shown in Figure 1. Now, when I run the application, index. The results beast binary data format returned to the browser and, hence, prompts me to save or open the file. I'll save the file as car. Looking at the overall structure, you'll see records, or documents as referred to in the BSON specificationare automatically indexed with a 0-based number, as seen in Figure 3. This can be seen in Table 1where all the field designations used in the BSON specification are outlined.

As mentioned previously, each field within each record contains information on the type, name and value of each field. The first record, highlighted in Figure 4shows the first field in the record is "Id" represented by the Hex codes 49 I beast binary data format to this site's Privacy Policy.

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