Damocles MINI: SNMP Web relay

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Modbus Poll application version 3. It is necessary to restart the program after to run it again. Launch Modbus Poll application mbpoll. In setup menu select option Poll Definition keyboard short cut F2. Picture a - Input setting.

Beginning at the address - ending at the address Length: Picture b - Network parameters setting. Application is now connected to selected device and in periodic interval loads input values see the picture c. Picture c - Values loading. Picture e - Output setting. To control binary inputs select option 05 in function menu: Write Single Coil short cut F7. Picture f - Output control. Binary outputs damocles mini can safe setting of Poll Definition to mbp file to simplify your work.

Any time you need it simply load the saved setting. Setting of Modbus Poll application for communication with Damocles is identical binary outputs damocles mini setting for Damocles MINI above, change value of Length parameter, model support 24 inputs instead of 4 and 4 outputs instead of 2.

Picture h - Output setting - Damocles Picture ch - Setting of temperature sensor. Two lines are displayed. The first line shows number of connected sensors and the second current temperature with binary outputs damocles mini accuracy of 0. Save your setting to mbp file to simplify work with Poll Definition. In case you need it, simply load saved setting. We describe how to properly setup Modbus Poll program version 3.

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