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An embedded resource in a application is a file that is included as bindata golang of the application. The file is not compiled, but is accessable from the code bindata golang run-time. Embedded resources can be any file type. However, this is not the case bindata golang Golang.

In order to emebed resource, we need bindata golang develop our own solution. Thankfully, there are bindata golang of tools that are doing this for us.

This package converts any file into embedding binary data for a go bindata golang. The file data is optionally gzip compressed before being converted to a raw byte slice. It provides a command line tool go-bindata that offers a set of command line options, used to customize the output being generated:. The simplest execution generates a bindata. It includes all assets from the data directory:. The operation is done on one or more sets of files.

All of them are embedded in a the Go source file, along with a table of contents and an Asset string []byte, error function, which allows quick access to the assets. It should bindata golang used in the following way:.

Note that the generated code lives in the main package. However, this can be changed with pkg flag. By default all embedded resources are compressed. If your resource is already optmized you can disable the compression by providing nocompress flag. Another handy flag is debug argument, which causes the bindata golang line tool to not actually include the asset data as embedded resources. Instead of that it generates bindata golang Asset function implementation that loads the data from bindata golang original file on disk.

This is very useful during development, when the assets are changed very often. It provides even more advanced features to handle your embeded bindata golang. During the development phase it loads required assets directly from disk. Afterwards upon deployment the resource files could be included to a executable using the rice command line tool, without changing the source code for your package.

Then you can use FindBox funcation to access a particular resource bundler directory. The function is finding the correct absolute path for your resource files. If you are executing go binary in your home directory, but your bindata golang directory is located rice will bindata golang the correct path for that directory relative to the location of yourApplication.

This only works when the source is available to the machine executing the binary and was installed with go get or go bindata golang. You can add assets by bindata golang go source code, or append the resources to the executable as zip file:. Both bindata golang require execution of rice command line tool before building the actual application.

It generates a source code that contains the bindata golang resources. Note that the generate files could be very large. The following commands are doing this for us:. The invocation scans the current directory files for rice. FindBox call and identifies the directories that should be included as embedded resources in the generate files. The command generates a files per directory.

They are named in the following format:. This is experimental method that generates. The following command generates the coff syso resource files per directory:. In a case when you provide a binary, without source. FindBox and adds the required directories to the executable binary. I am glad to find out two friendly packages that manage embedded resources in Go applications. This gives a hudge advantage to use the approach that fits our product requirements.

Hire Phogo Labs to help you build brilliant software. Svetlin Ralchev Software adventures and thoughts. Embedded resources bindata golang Golang Sun, Nov 8, programming languages. Tags goembedded resources. Do you have the next big idea? Consult with the experts. Get your free consultation.

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My goal is to enable you to apply this useful technique to your own projects — by using the right tools for the job and combining them in the best possible way. The goal of chef-runner is to speed up development and testing of Chef cookbooks. I originally developed the tool as a fast alternative to the painfully slow vagrant provision command.

One of the things chef-runner can do is to install Chef on a machine before provisioning it. This makes it possible to set up bare servers that have nothing installed but the base operating system. For this feature, chef-runner used to download the Omnibus installer — better known as install.

Later, I decided to change the mechanism a bit. This would yield the following benefits:. At the same time, I accepted the fact that users might not benefit from improvements to the installer immediately, simply because it gets updated so rarely. You can use it, for example, to embed assets such as CSS, JavaScript, and image files into your web application.

The result will be a fully stand-alone binary that can be deployed just as easily as any other Go program. For this, all I had to do was download the installer script once and then invoke the go-bindata command-line tool for generating Go code from it. The exact steps are as follows:. Asset data can be accessed via the Asset function, which is included in the generated assets. The resulting code ended up looking like this:.

One possible workaround is to store assets in a separate package. While tools like go-bindata are valuable on their own, you still need to integrate them into your build process. For this, you might consider using a build tool like Make to glue all the pieces together.

The tool works by scanning Go source code for special comments that define commands to run. This way you can declare build instructions in your code, keeping everything together in a nice way. The -x flag causes go generate to print commands as they are executed. The one command shown above should look familiar.

As with most Go tools, you can run go generate. There is one thing you need to be aware of when using go generate , though. For more detailed information on go generate , consult go help generate or, better yet, read this article on the Go blog. All in all, embedding assets in Go is straight forward thanks to existing tooling.

Last but not least, in one of my other open-source projects, I used a Python script to generate a Go map of distributions supported by Packagecloud. By doing so before compilation, I managed to save a rather expensive API call that would otherwise be made at runtime. Over 60, people from companies like Netflix, Apple, Spotify and O'Reilly are reading our articles.

Subscribe to receive a weekly newsletter with articles around Continuous Integration, Docker, and software development best practices. Thanks for the tip on go: This is especially true if they are large. I am not sure how well it will work with existing tooling and infrastructure either. It could be more difficult to deploy software when you embed many assets into a program. I was looking for a tool like go-bindata but I wanted something simpler: So I did what any gopher would do, take this opportunity to write my own bindata tool!

Took a look at go. It falls back to read from disk instead of requiring that you go generate each time. Embedding Assets in Go Last updated: We promise that we won't spam you. You can unsubscribe any time. Join the Discussion Leave us some comments on what you think about this topic or if you like to add something. Grrr, I wish I could edit the formatting… Sorry about that. I was looking for such a tool. Thank you so much.