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A seasoned tradeline is a line of credit that the borrower has held open in good standing for a long period of time, typically at least 2 years. The "seasoned" part simply implies that the broker tradelines is aged or that it has an established history. The creditworthy borrower adds the third party as an authorized user of his lines of credit, but broker tradelines not actually provide the third party with materials broker tradelines cards, account numbers, etc. The benefit to the third party is an improvement in their personal credit rating—their credit score increases.

However, this does not change their entire credit record, but merely increases their credit score as a result of the newly added tradeline. This may make the third party look like a better credit risk, and may improve the third party's access to new credit. However, a credit score is only one aspect of the lending process; that broker tradelines, the borrower must broker tradelines all underwriting procedures, which include much more than the credit scores of the borrower.

There is no cut and dried answer broker tradelines the many questions surrounding the legality of piggybacking, however, there are many sources that tend to indicate perhaps a general answer, such as:. The Fair Issac Co estimates there are approximately 50 million consumers who re-added as authorized users on other peoples accounts.

While the legality of piggybacking tradelines seems to remain ambiguous, there is a potential broker tradelines violation of federal law, if for example, a piggybacking company takes up front fees broker tradelines their clients. While this is indeed much stricter, it appears to allow for up front fees if broker tradelines company is bonded and uses a trust account.

For example, Section The risk to the "donor" is that the other person might actually make charges against the account, and not pay it back. The brokers who provide this service claim that they do not reveal the entire account number to the recipient, or do not themselves have access to the account number. It is possible a recipient might learn the account broker tradelines in some other way, for example if it appears on his own credit report.

However, this is often insufficient information to make use of the account - a PINexpiration date, or security code is typically also required. These measures further lower the risk to the "donor". With an authorized user account the credit report clearly marks the account as authorized user; with this new practice, however, the lender is not alerted to the true status of the account history.

Authorized user accounts are legal and will be broker tradelines into credit scoring; it's a violation broker tradelines Federal law to not include ALL information in a credit file while calculating a credit score. While primarily discussing credit repair, the Federal Trade Commission has written facts for consumers to assist them in avoiding scams.

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