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A call optionoften simply labeled a "call", is a financial contract between two parties, the buyer and the seller of this type of option. The seller or "writer" is obligated to sell the commodity or financial instrument to the buyer if the buyer so decides. The buyer pays a fee called a premium for this right. The term "call" comes from the fact that the owner has the right to "call the stock away" from the seller. Option values vary with the value of the online shares trading account instrument call option meaning with example time.

The price of the call option meaning with example contract must reflect the call option meaning with example or chance of the call finishing in-the-money. Call option meaning with example call contract price generally will be higher when the contract has more time to expire except in cases when a significant dividend is present and when the underlying financial instrument shows more volatility.

Determining this value is one of the central functions of financial mathematics. The most common method used is the Black—Scholes formula.

Importantly, the Black-Scholes formula provides an estimate of the price of European-style options. Adjustment to Call Option: When a call option is in-the-money i. Some of them are as follows:. Similarly if the buyer is making loss on his position i. Trading options involves a constant monitoring of the option value, which is affected by the following factors:.

Moreover, the dependence of the option value to price, volatility and time is not linear — which makes the analysis even more complex.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about financial options. For call options in general, see Option law.

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