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Writes the data frame to file in the Stata binary format. Does not write array variables unless they can be drop -ed to a vector. The major difference between supported file formats in Stata versions is that version 7.

The abbreviate function is used to trim variable names to the permitted length. A warning is given if this is needed and it is an error for the abbreviated names not to be unique. Each version of Stata is claimed to be able to read all earlier formats. The columns in the data frame become variables in the Stata data set.

Missing values are handled convert the number 244 into binary trading. There are four options for handling factors. This last used to be the only available method and is provided largely for backwards compatibility. If the "datalabel" attribute contains a string, it is written out as the dataset label otherwise the dataset label is "Written by R.

This attribute should contain a list where each element is string vector of length three. The second element contains the characeristic name. The third contains the associated data. Otherwise the variable names are repeated as variable labels.

Up to bytes are allowed in character data, and longer strings will be truncated with a warning. Stata uses some large numerical values to represent missing values.

This function does not currently check, and hence integers greater than and doubles greater than 8. Unless disabled by argument convert. For date-time objects this may lose information. Stata can be told that these are dates by.

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