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And we should all have great confidence that it will continue to strengthen. Like the first Maori who arrived here many hundreds of years ago, European settlers arrived by sea. They must have had a sense of adventure. Like the first Maori navigators they braved the often ill-tempered Pacific Ocean to strike out from their homes and make landfall here.

The whalers, the sailors, the men and women who came here to till the land and take their chances — they would have had many reasons for leaving their homes in the Northern Hemisphere. Homes many of them would never see again. Those who signed the Treaty of Waitangi in began forging the bonds of the special partnership we share today. But the Treaty partnership we commemorate today acknowledges the bonds that have underpinned the creation of a special country.

Just think about what we have achieved in that time. The great scientists, adventurers, sports men and women, pioneers and dreamers who call themselves New Zealanders. The artists, writers, singers and musicians, actors and directors who not only entertain us, but who have also created a body of stories and songs which could have only been made in New Zealand.

And the leaders, Maori and Pakeha alike, who have developed a Treaty partnership which is admired around the world. The high points, the low points, the triumphs, the mistakes and the unexpected successes. They mingled with people hawking cold roasts, pork and bread, and rum-sellers, and the bay was a flotilla of canoes and ships with flags flying.

They met under the marquee, made of stitched-together sailcloth, surrounded by a handful of Europeans. And the generosity of Maori, and the good faith of both people, has led to the New Zealand we know today, and to day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 relationship we share.

We have some of the best legacies of Britain: We welcome people from all parts of the world who want to make New Zealand their home, because they want to be part of the nation we have created. The Treaty is a formal agreement but it must be interpreted over time, and adapt to new situations, through negotiation between the Treaty partners.

Many issues have a long and nuanced history, lived through by many people from all walks of life. But I am confident that when we celebrate the bicentenary of the Treaty signing inwe will look back to today and be proud of what we have achieved since.

Those 25 years have passed quickly. It seems like too short a time for anything in New Zealand to have changed much at day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017. How best to develop Maori land, with its multiple owners, has vexed lawmakers for over years. Those settled iwi are creating success stories. They see the post-settlement environment as their chance to shape their own destiny. Settlements may day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 a fraction day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 what was actually lost.

But they let iwi move on and make better futures, and create more opportunities, for their people. But I know if he were day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017, he would reiterate to you his belief that byall willing iwi should be settled. Yes, there certainly are challenges to educational achievement and we do have a long way to go to eliminate that disparity - but progress is evident.

A better education means equality of opportunity for New Zealanders, regardless of their background. Time and time again, we see the evidence that success at school means better, higher-paying jobs, a greater standard of living and more opportunities. Now, Maori are living longer — around six more years than in Immunisation rates among Maori children are up and infant mortality rates have fallen. For the Government, it means ensuring our education system works for all students.

It also day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 developing initiatives to support young people and families in other areas. We also need to get alongside families and give them the right support. There is one more aspect of New Zealand I would like to see changed. The current flag represents the thinking by and about a young country moving from the s to the s. Our role in the world was very different then.

Our relationship to the rest of the world has changed over time. I think, and I believe many New Zealanders feel the same, that the flag captures a colonial and post-colonial era whose time has passed. During this parliamentary term, New Zealanders will be asked to participate in a two-step referendum process to choose an alternative flag, and decide whether or not that flag should replace the current one. At the same time, I acknowledge there may be many New Zealanders who want to retain the existing flag, and that will be one option.

Regardless of your view, this milestone year in our history is a good time to discuss the flag, formally and respectfully, allowing New Zealanders to have their say. I imagine it was all over in a matter of minutes. If we choose a new flag, it will serve us in times of celebration and remembrance, like Waitangi Day. On Waitangi Day we remember when our nation-building began, and we celebrate the hope and optimism our forebears must have felt when they oversaw the creation of a new country.

In years, New Zealand has achieved much. In the 25 years since the thanniversary of the signing of the Treaty, some of those achievements, like the settlement process itself, have brought about great change. I am confident the next 25 years will deliver more promises, passion and achievements as we work together to tackle the challenges that will be thrown at us. Twitter Facebook Linkedin Email. Rau rangatira ma day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 huihui nei, Nau mai, haere mai ki Waitangi.

Today we commemorate years of the Treaty of Waitangi relationship. But I bet they were united by a common thread of hope and optimism. Hope for a better life than the one they had left behind. And hope for a new society and day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 opportunities for themselves and their children.

Over time, those bonds have been tested. The first person to split the atom, the first women voters, the first conqueror of Everest. The first Rugby World Cup winners. I am sure the Treaty signatories here at Waitangi felt the same. The next day, the 6th, was meant to be a rest day. And we have a culture infused with the customs, knowledge and tikanga of the tangata whenua.

There are still things to work through. The last big Treaty commemoration was in — 25 years ago. But in things were different. New Zealand, for example, was governed under First Past the Post. The Maori Party has brought a rich dimension to this Government since That was still five years into the future. The Crown has now signed 72 deeds of settlement — 46 of those in the past six years.

All willing and able iwi are engaged with the Crown. New Zealand as a whole is better off for that. There have been other positive changes since Education is one example. Another area is health. In the early s around 50 per cent of Maori day trading option 2015 waitangi day 2017 smoked. So in 25 years, many gains have been made. We can do even better over the next 25 years, too. New Zealanders just started doing it, because it felt right.

It feels like the right kind of representation of who we are as a nation. Inevery willing and able iwi will be settled. And inI want to see the disparity in educational achievement eliminated. Like subsidising early childhood education.

When you give families what they actually need, great changes can happen. Three flags were displayed on short poles at Waitangi, voted on, and the winning one hoisted.

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