Work Visa Requirements for Dubai

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The system is for the use of Emirates passengers who require a UAE visa. Check your visa requirements. This system is only for passengers travelling with Emirates; passengers on other airlines cannot use this system. By applying online you do not have to find a local sponsor in the UAE, and will receive a response in just a few days.

You can also submit all the required documents and information and pay for visa fees from home, without having to send documents by post or fax. If your visa application is approved, we will also automatically update your Emirates booking with your visa details, making your journey easier. You can apply for a visa a maximum of 58 days before you travel, and a minimum of four working days before you travel. You can access the online visa application system at any time through the Manage A Booking section of Emirates.

Is it compulsory to use this service to apply for a UAE visa when travelling with Emirates? Will I definitely get a visa if I apply online? The granting of a visa does not guarantee entry to the UAE: Visas issued through dubai work permit visa online apply service are sponsored by Emirates — if the visa holder arrives on a different airline, the immigration authorities will refuse the holder entry into Dubai. To apply for a UAE visa online you must have a valid Emirates booking.

You can start the application process on www. You can then select the portion of the journey for which a visa is required, and the names of the passenger s applying for a visa, before supplying the details and documents required to process the application, along with payment. After your application is complete, we will contact you within four international working days with the results of your visa application.

Provided all required documents are submitted correctly, visas are normally issued by email within four working days of your application. The security deposit is an amount payable by residents of certain countries, and will be refunded after you have left the UAE.

The system will automatically include the security deposit, based on your country of residence. Once you have left the UAE, and the immigration authorities record your departure, we will refund your security deposit within four international working days.

Please make sure you get an exit stamp in your passport as you leave the UAE, in order to provide proof of departure in case of any discrepancies. For unsuccessful visa applications, the security deposit will be refunded within four international working days of the application being returned.

I returned from the UAE more than four days ago — why has my security deposit not been refunded? Your deposit will normally be refunded within four international working days; after this time, you can check with your bank or card provider to confirm the refund.

What documents do I need to apply? Do all family members need to submit documents? Every passenger requiring a visa will need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format:. Passports should be valid a minimum of six months on the date of travel. A current valid visa for any of the following countries: Evidence of travel within the last five years to any of the following countries: Documents which show you have investments of USD or more, or local income tax papers which show you have an annual income of USD or more.

This could be in the form of pay slips, bank statements or any local investment. In some cases, other supporting documents, such as marriage certificates, etc, may also be required: If you have already submitted applications for passengers, you will not be able to select them again — these passengers will be greyed out.

Otherwise, the link sent by us on the email is dubai work permit visa online apply valid up to four international working days before your date of travel. You cannot continue with applications not submitted before this point.

The UAE requires all visitors to have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. If your passport is valid for less than six months, you will need to renew it before you can apply for a visa and travel to the UAE. All passengers, including children and infants must have a visa to enter the UAE. Dubai work permit visa online apply visas are sent by email. You can apply for either a hour visa, a day visa, or a day visa, depending on the length of your stay in the UAE.

The system will automatically select the appropriate visa based on your Emirates booking. The GCC Accompanied Visa is available to applicants who are travelling with their employer or sponsor in a personal capacity, and is subject to immigration rules dubai work permit visa online apply regulations.

If I want to stopover dubai work permit visa online apply Dubai on both my outward and return trips, do I need a visa for each stopover? You can apply for up to two visas for any one itinerary through the system. Each visa application is a separate process — once you have completed your first application, please start the process again for your second visa. When you complete your visa application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link — this will allow you to track your visa application process at any time.

You can also track your application by going to Manage A Booking on Emirates. We will send you an email once your visa application has been approved or rejected, or if additional information is required. Unfortunately, the UAE authorities do not give reasons for rejecting visa applications, so we cannot provide specific reasons why your application was unsuccessful.

The UAE immigration authorities do not refund visa fees for unsuccessful applications. If you paid a security deposit, this will be refunded within four international working days of the application being returned. What does this mean? You have already initiated an online application.

You should have received an email containing your web reference number which will allow you to complete your application. If you have any questions, please contact us through our online query page. Emirates and VFS Global welcome dubai work permit visa online apply feedback. Please use our FeedBack form to send us your comments. Please note once the dubai work permit visa online apply request is submitted, it cannot be reversed.

To proceed, please click here and select the visa application that needs to be cancelled. Charges are applicable per visa cancellation request. Why should I use the online application system? When can I apply for a visa? Do I need to apply for dubai work permit visa online apply visa at the same time as I book my tickets? Once I am issued a visa can I travel by another airline? What is the procedure to apply for a UAE visa online?

How long does it take to get a visa? How much does it cost to apply for a visa? What is the security deposit, and will I have to pay it?

When will my security deposit be refunded? My passport is expiring soon — can I still get a visa? Do children or infants need a visa? How will I receive my visa? Do I have to submit my passport for stamping before I travel? What types of visa can I apply for?

Can I apply for a long-term visa online? How can I track the status of my visa application? Why was my visa application rejected?? Will my visa fees be refunded if my application is rejected? If my visa application is rejected, can Dubai work permit visa online apply apply again? How can I provide my feedback for the services rendered? If I wish to cancel my visa how do I go about it? Emirates and VFS Global recommend you apply for your visa well in advance of travel.

All charges are payable in US Dollars. Every passenger requiring a visa dubai work permit visa online apply need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format: Passport-style colour photograph The main applicant for dubai work permit visa online apply application will also need to submit: All visas are sent by email, dubai work permit visa online apply the email address given at the start of the application process.

You should print out a copy of your visa before you travel, and bring it dubai work permit visa online apply you. Can I get a long-term visa online? GCC residents are eligible for the following two visas: Why was my visa application rejected? No, you cannot reapply through the Emirates online visa application service.

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