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We help you find the binary options broker that suits you and your needs best. We reviewed the most important brokers in business, to make it easy to decide which account is best for you. As trading experts from Germany we have a lot of experience in trading binary options and try to give back our knowledge.

The table below shows a collection and overview of the best brokers around right now. In the table above we have summed up the most important facts about the best brokers of our choice for trading binary options. However we have reviewed a lot more brokers.

You can find them in the list below this text. You get a fixed amount or nothing at all. Binary Options were introduced on the CBOE at the end of the ies, but the binary option markets are still not very regulated and provide a lot of freedom to investors and their ideas.

You can buy binary options on almost every product that is available on the financial markets right now. In general there are two different versions of binary options you can buy. The first mentioned type provides a fixed profit in cash. The fixed amount is known before you buy the option. Binary options expire after a certain time. You always try to predict the outcome of an ongoing in the future.

There are regulated and non-regulated trading platforms for binary options. A lot of them provide forex trading accounts to their customers, too. Some may criticize that trading binary options is very risky and almost more like gambling. But today most regulation authorities in Europe and overseas treat binary options as financial instruments.

Though you should invest carefully and always be aware of the high risk of losing your money. On the other hand you can make high profits in a short period of time. Broker Stars Bonus Min.