Automatic Trendlines Indicator

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MT4 has alarms but the entire system is clunky and not very user friendly. For this reason I developed a useful MT4 indicator called…. The indicator turns every line on your chart including trend lines into an alarm.

You can of course deactivate any lines you do not want to act as alarms. You can grab the indicator by clicking here and logging in. I no longer trade using MT4 or MT5. MT4 was released onthe platform is outdated and outclassed by modern platforms. Yes, there are still many traders using MT4 and many brokers providing it. Even though MT4 is still widely used, it does not make the platform good. MT4 is in wide use because many traders are reliant on custom coded MT4 indicators.

I use my free price action strategy to trade reversals on the H6, H8 and H12 charts. I find that the H6 and the H12 are two of the best timeframes to trade price action on. If you want cool features in MT4, you need to install an indicator. Many of the features provided by MT4 indicators come as standard with modern platforms. In fact, this alarm indicator that you are here for is a normal feature of TradingView and cTrader. Installing indicators to get extra features into MT4 is buggy and cumbersome.

You end up being reliant of the creator of the indicator forex trend line indicator download update it for you…. Forex trend line indicator download, if you want an MT4 alarms indicator. Click here to cancel reply. Email will not be published required. Many thanks Nick, forex trend line indicator download your continued help and support to traders. I am new to forex and a little wary of how it all forex trend line indicator download bearing in mind the warnings that you can lose a lot of money, So I am taking things easy and reading all the posts.

Forex trend line indicator download each time I click on the link I am taken to another page with no option to download the indicator. Any ideas please as to what I am not doing right? I was always envious of platforms that have the facility to alter Stop Loss and Take profit by moving lines.

I have developed scripts to do that. See my post Stop Loss Dragline Script. Just updated and allows order manipulation by moving lines. Can you develop a indicator to identify hammer candles? I think it would be great if I can be notified when any hammers formed as there maybe possible reversal trade opportunities. I found that I always missed those hammers which turned out to be a great reversal signal.

By the way, I like the mastercandle indicator very much. It is really useful. Thanks for developing it! Dont know what happened to my comment, if you want a coveted feature of other platforms, see my post ref Stop Loss Drag line.

Updated with TP line too. Enable change of SL or TP by moving relevant lines. Another script puts them on the chart ready for use, assign hotkeys and away you go. Can you please teach how to put the alert msg to email account? Sorry, this indicator has been discontinued. Forex trend line indicator download 30, at July 2, at 8: August 31, at 5: August 31, at September 7, at 5: October 27, at 9: February 2, at 7:

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