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The Community Careers Co-operative apprenticeship program is a collaboration between oil and gas industry members, to heavy trader ontario apprentices gain varied experience across different companies and obtain their tickets. The program allows apprentices to rotate through different companies. Many jobs at Suncor — especially trades — are regulated by the government. Trades require certification in the province where the job resides. As a result, Heavy trader ontario can only consider applicants who have the proper certification.

What types of trade positions are typically recruited? And what are the qualifications? Minimum qualifications for trade positions may or may not be posted, however all positions require a high school diploma or GED and either Alberta or Interprovincial certification for the particular trade. Most of our hourly Suncor employees are unionized — it depends on the assigned role, business and location. Employees working in these positions are members of associations or unions and heavy trader ontario subject to the terms of a collective agreement.

Most unionized jobs at Suncor are shift work. We offer various shifts depending heavy trader ontario the role and the area. During the hiring process, a Suncor recruiter can provide specific information about the union. Some of Suncor's operating areas function 24 hours a day all year long.

Workers are needed to heavy trader ontario these schedules and shifts may vary depending on the area. How do I apply for jobs in construction or those where camp accommodation is provided? Most of the construction jobs are not Suncor positions and are not found on Suncor's career site. These jobs are primarily filled by Suncor contractors. To apply, you need to work through the contracting companies, some of which place their tradespeople through union halls.

Suncor has a fly in and out program which is only applicable to those employees and contractors traveling into the Wood Buffalo region, in cases where relocation is not possible. Workers living in the Fort McMurray area will be offered transportation to and from heavy trader ontario sites by bus. Suncor is committed to ensuring employees can safely perform their jobs heavy trader ontario are prepared for new assignments and opportunities heavy trader ontario they arise.

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many training opportunities at Suncor — from traditional courses and seminars to non-traditional methods such as coaching, working on cross-functional teams, special projects and through our guided self-learning website.

Suncor is committed to hiring the right people who are aligned with our culture and values. Because requirements in the industry are constantly changing, essential training, education, work experience and skill requirements are evaluated on an ongoing basis. We post all of our job opportunities on our website along with a job description, qualifications and the experience required.

Does Suncor have any career opportunities that do not require a college education? Suncor offers some employment opportunities that do not require college or university diplomas and degrees. Educational and technical requirements are described in each job posting.

Our compensation package is designed to "pay for performance," which means that Suncor provides a competitive base pay with the ability to earn significant rewards through programs such as annual and long-term incentives, performance bonuses and stock options.

Employees who excel in their roles and demonstrate high potential are recognized as key contributors and have the opportunity for additional rewards. Suncor ensures compensation is in line with other energy companies for all positions. There are salary ranges associated with different positions and new employees are paid within that range based on their skills and experience. Salary details are further discussed heavy trader ontario you at the interview stage. Employees who work for Suncor, but under the terms of a union agreement, would be paid in accordance with the terms of the bargaining unit.

Most of heavy trader ontario jobs seem to be based in Fort McMurray. Do you have opportunities in other locations? Suncor's oil sands operations are in the Wood Buffalo region with many employees based in Fort McMurray. However, we also have opportunities in our corporate offices based in Calgary, as well as in our downstream operations in Ontario and Colorado. For those who work in Fort McMurray, what does Suncor offer in the way of housing?

Base pay for employees working in Fort McMurray is adjusted to reflect local market conditions. In addition, people relocating to join our operations in Fort McMurray may be offered temporary housing and mortgage assistance. Fort McMurray is a great place to work as well as heavy trader ontario. The community offers a wonderful family-oriented lifestyle for those who enjoy smaller communities and an active outdoor life. Experience heavy trader ontario Fort McMurray has to offer at goaheadfortmac.

For Suncor heavy trader ontario opportunities in the area, see our current job postings. Trades and Operator FAQ. What are the qualifications required for apprenticeships? What qualifications do I need for trades positions in Alberta? Does Suncor have a union? What type of shifts are available in your operations?

Do you fly workers in and out? Does Suncor provide on-the-job training? What type of experience do I need to work for Suncor? How do I learn what the pay for the job is before I apply? Where heavy trader ontario I find more information about living and working in Fort McMurray? Suncor offers two types of entry-level apprenticeships: This program is available for internal Bargaining Heavy trader ontario Employees, who have been employed with Suncor for a minimum of six months.

The entry-level internal apprenticeships are advertised on heavy trader ontario annual heavy trader ontario. Suncor also partners with the Community Careers Co-operative, which is a multi-stakeholder group in the Wood Buffalo Region responsible for programs assisting local students with school-to-work transition.

Suncor strongly considers apprentices who have been accepted into these programs. For further information, please visit http: If you have successfully completed your education at an accredited institute for a particular trade in Alberta, you are certified to work in Alberta.

Heavy trader ontario further information on obtaining certification in a trade, please visit the Alberta government website. Qualifications for all other provinces: If you have completed your education in a trade outside of Alberta or in another country and would like to check your qualifications to heavy trader ontario they meet certification specifications please visit the Alberta Learning Centre website. You may wish to receive more information and additional sources on your credentials before applying for a job.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials website has information on academic and occupational credentials for nearly professions and trades. The centre does not grant equivalencies or assess credentials. Provincial assessment services assess academic credentials for a fee.

The assessment will tell you how your education heavy trader ontario with educational standards in the province where you plan to work. Applicants must hold a valid Alberta or Interprovincial Journeyman Instrumentation Technician certification as well as a valid Alberta or Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician certification.

Applicants must have valid Alberta or Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician certification. Applicants must possess a minimum of six months experience in the operation of heavy equipment such as haul trucks, graders, dozers and loaders. Consideration heavy trader ontario also be given to those heavy trader ontario other equipment related experience in an industrial environment and to those with extensive highway experience operating trucks with trailers or multiple trailers hauling long distance or in a city setting.

Valid Alberta or Interprovincial Journeyman Millwright certification is required. Heavy trader ontario minimum of a 4th Class Power Engineering certification is required. Valid Alberta or Interprovincial Journeyman Welding certification is required. Some areas of the plant also require a B Pressure certificate.

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