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Building games for devices like the iPhone and iPad requires a different approach than you would use for desktop PC games. Unlike the PC market, your target hardware is standardized and not as fast or powerful as a computer with a dedicated video card. Because of this, you will have to approach the development of your games for these platforms a little differently.

However, we recommend that you set up your Apple Developer account before proceeding because you will need it to use Unity to its full potential with iOS. This includes establishing your team, adding your devices, and finalizing your provisioning profiles.

This project is required to sign, compile and prepare your game for distribution. See the Unity XCode project manual page for further information.

Unity provides a number of scripting APIs to access the multi-touch screen, accelerometer, device geographical location system and much more. You can find out more about the script classes on the iOS scripting page. To find out how to bind native functions, visit the plugins page. The Unity iOS runtime allows you to download new content and you can use this feature to implement in-app purchases. See the downloadable content manual page for further information.

See the splash screen customization how to read binary options charts iphone 6s to find out how to change the image your game shows while launching. If you are experiencing crashes on the iOS device, please consult the iOS troubleshooting page for a list of common issues and solutions.

Dynamic typing in JavaScript is always turned off in Unity when targetting iOS this is equivalent to pragma strict getting added to all your scripts automatically. Static typing greatly improves performance, which is especially important on iOS devices. When you switch an existing Unity project to the iOS target, you will get compiler errors if you are using dynamic typing. You can easily fix these either by using explicitly declared types for the variables that are causing errors or taking advantage of type inference.

Unity supports importing a variety of source format sound files. However when importing these files with the exception of tracker filesthey are always re-encoded to the build target format. Mp3 playback offers a little better performance on iPhone compared with How to read binary options charts iphone 6s playback. Consult the texture import settings documentation to learn more about iOS texture formats.

MovieTextures are not supported on iOS. Instead, full-screen streaming playback is provided via scripting functions. To learn about the supported file formats and scripting API, consult the movie page in the manual. Did you find this page useful?

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