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Is anyone trading options? I'm an active option trader and happy to discuss if anyone is interested. On which markets are you trading and what platforms how to roll options interactive brokers you using? I presume its not NZ as we do not have an options market. I don't follow the NZ market at all, I remember reading years ago they were going to introduce options but I guess it never happened. Even if they did have options in NZ the lack of liquidity would make them hard to trade. Looks like they how to roll options interactive brokers going to introduce options here, a quick google search found this: How would you describe your strategy for trading options?

Do you have other investments? Do you do it full time? What type of options do you trade? What volume do you do? What fees do you pay? No other investments outside my trading account, I'm a trader not a long term investor. I also trade futures and shares although shares are always a part of an option position. I'm always in front of the screen for market opening and how to roll options interactive brokers it depends on what's happening in the market as to how much time I spend, if there is some action I'll stay till market close but if nothing is going on I'll go back to bed for a few hours then be back for the close.

I trade options on equities and ETFs mainly, I sell some futures options occasionally to defend a position that has gone against me. I have a tax query. Any advice much appreciated thanks. After trying many trading systems over the years, I am focusing on trading Collars selling premium on the weekly options.

I have recently started trading a simple system, only as an end of day trader. I am using a simple volatility expansion breakout chart scan to how to roll options interactive brokers trades. Maybe we can compare notes on trading if you are interested? There don't seem to be many traders in this forum or NZ trading the US options market. Happy how to roll options interactive brokers compare notes David. I don't trade Collars, when you say Collar are you talking long stock, long put, short call?

Covered calls with a protective Put for insurance. Income is from time decay. I roll the position near expiry every week if the stock and options look good. It would be very useful to compare ideas in greater detail seeing as you also trade time decay successfully.

Are we allowed to give private emails or Skype info on this forum? I would also be grateful if you could comment on my other posting above, in this thread, regarding tax issues. Best to talk to your accountant regarding the tax issue, I'm meeting with my accountant next week so I'll run it by him and see what he says. As I mentioned I don't trade Collars, I normally don't trade weeklies either except for overnight earnings trades.

My normal time frame is how to roll options interactive brokers to 60 days, so at the moment I'm trading Aug expiry, when Aug is down to 20 days till expiry I'll switch to Sept. The longer time frame gives me more time to be right. As for collars, it isn't a strategy I would use, it ties up to much capital buying stock so reduces my return on capital. Debit spreads tend to be more directional and you are paying for them but you can still get Theta decay.

Any reason you use Collars instead of credit spreads? Are you trading in a Reg T margin account or Portfolio Margin? Happy to exchange Skype details via private message but think its good to carry on discussion here so others can learn. I am keen to continue this thread in the future but I am taking long leave so will resume on my return. Hi Im new and was wanting to know where to go to get a beginners guide so to speak on options trading and is it best here on nzx and asx or in the states?

No options on NZX at the moment and liquidity on ASX not to good so the US market is your best option, the hours are not so good but you get used to how to roll options interactive brokers. Also, why do you want to trade options? Joe, I've not heard of any of those people, I'm always a bit dubious of people selling training especially if it's just one strategy - but if it's worked for you that's great.

Happy to catch up on Skype, that's why I started this post, it gets a bit lonely trading on your own with no one to bounce ideas off. I'm busy this week so how to roll options interactive brokers contact you via Skype next week. Hi Omad good to hear from you. Looking forward to chatting on Skype.

Keen to share and get ideas and trading successes. Hi Omad not heard from you yet. Keen to catchup on skype. Let me know when you might be free. Looking forward to catching up. Sorry Joe, had to head to Oz a bit sooner then expected, I'm here for a while but set up now so will be able to chat. Be easier to talk you through TWS over Skype. Have contemplated going full time but with 3 boys don't want to be up all night trading and knackered during the day.

Also trade UK and HK options market too. HK suits well for time but unfortunately hedging with the underlying stock is difficult as they only trade in lots of FarmerHamilton, what's the option liquidity like on the HK market? A few of the stocks are very liquid with very tight spreads and these are the ones I tend to concentrate on such as HSBC Hi guys, Wondering if you can help me I'm looking to write Options on the US market and have no idea where to start.

I traded and wrote options on the Australian market a couple of years ago until my broker closed up, I was using Sanford securities which changed to AusieX.

Which platform should I consider? In a nutshell, what do I need to do to get writing there? Thanks, you help would be greatly appreciated. Just to add to what Omad has just written, I went though Halifax. Just go to halifax. TWS initially is not an easy platform to use, but they have rather long webinar that go through the basics of using the platform. I just started paper trading initially until I got the hang of it! Thanks guys, really appreciated Omad, do you go directly through Interactive?.

I go directly through IB, you can choose the base currency of your account and change it at any time, so you can have it set up in NZ dollars. You can see how clients money is handled here https: I would imagine that if you go through Halifax that they would be clipping the ticket on commissions also, Joe should be how to roll options interactive brokers to answer this? IB are excellent if you have some experience trading options. To be able to day trade how to roll options interactive brokers need a decent slug of money otherwise you can get caught out by being "max-ed" out on the number how to roll options interactive brokers trades you can do I learned the hard waycouldn't hedge a position that was going against mecheap lesson fortunately as it was only a small trade.

Generally it will give you lower margin, you can see what sort of difference it makes by going to your account page and how to roll options interactive brokers the Margin Requirements section there should be a button at the top right next to the? If you select this button it will show you what your Margin Requirements would be if you were using PM. IB's got some info on PM here https: I'm not totally sure Omad but Halifax don't seem to be clipping the ticket. IB charge is 0. I also did a 5 lot spread in UVXY 10 options total and only got charged 0.

I dabbled with options about 10 how to roll options interactive brokers ago after finishing university. I didn't stick with it and haven't looked at it since, but was wondering where is a good place to go to get back into it?

Would be keen to start paper trading: I do a lot of Butterflies. Blueswan, how do you set up your butterflies, what how to roll options interactive brokers you look for? I buy the body twice for example Buy 20 Dec Calls and you Sell once the wings 75 pts apart.

The profit loss does not look good since you are risking 63 to make 12 points. This is just an example but not advisable this time since yo are only receiving 12 points. I usually wait until I get 17 to 18 points and risk 75 Difference of wings from body less premium received. Only do this if you are expecting a movement in the market since you want Options to expire below lower wing or above higher wing.

Below or above which is Ok on a volatile market. You will be margined here since it is a Sold Combo. When market quiet, you buy Butterflies but when volatile, you sell teh combo.

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