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It depends on what you want to trade and how much capital you have. This page offers a detailed review of the 2 brokers. How to Learn Spread Betting and Prosper. As for ease of use, IG's product is slightly more intuitive and the dealing platform is larger on your screen whereas FinSpreads software opens a new and independent window which cannot be resized. And the winner is: If you want the best performance out of your spread betting platform make sure you're using the latest version of your browser software.

Personally I use Firefox but Google's Chrome browser is also excellent. As for Microsoft's dreadful Internet Explorer, I suggest you dump it. I use BT Business Broadband which is traditionally far more stable than their standard residential service and I probably lose my connection times a year at the most.

A draw, both platforms assuming your internet connection is good are rock solid which means both companies must have invested a lot in their infrastructure. This is always a good sign of a quality company.

IG charts are excellent and again over the ig broker review 6 months they've never gone down on me. Use them to ig broker review from 1 second to monthly bars plus add moving averages, trend lines and all the other common technical indicators. However, the same can't be said for the charts that FinSpreads offer. A good word to describe them would be cranky.

It's not even a contest. IG Index wins by a long way. Be careful with other spread bet brokers that make a big song and dance about even tighter spreads or even no spreads. There's no free lunch in the financial markets and these companies will probably try to get their money back using all sorts of subtle tricks.

It's a draw unless you ig broker review to trade either smaller markets or strange ones such as Rough Rice. In such a case go with IG Index because they have a larger range of markets. The clear winner for most traders, especially those just starting out is therefore Finspreads. Believe me 50p a point is more than ig broker review to risk for many traders and whereas this ig broker review might seem like a small trade tremendous profits can still be earned.

For example, I'm in email correspondence with somebody called Brian S. There are old traders and there are bold traders but there are very few old and bold traders Finspreads beats IG Index hands down for new traders because of the 50p minimum bet.

IG also offer the best range of Binary Bets. IG Index edges it especially for stocks, both UK and foreign. IG Index edges it but it's ig broker review.

Tip for new traders - Don't be afraid to call your broker asking what you think might be a stupid question. Perhaps it is, but if it saves you from ig broker review money was it ig broker review that stupid or was it smart? I vote smart every time. I go into far more detail about how to learn using 10p a point in this free guide - How to Learn to Spread Ig broker review and Prosper.

Finspreads because of their 10p minimum bet for the first 2 months of trading. Excellent for learning the ropes. Folks, you must understand that one of the secrets to trading is learning from your mistakes. The trick therefore is to trade small amounts of money when starting out so the mistakes made won't cost you much. Trade larger size at your peril. Both use browser-based software. This means it ig broker review not necessary to install any software on to your computer, instead everything is run through your browser which is the software used to view internet sites.

In effect starting up the software is as simple as going to their website and logging on. Use the latest browser version If you want the best performance out of your spread betting platform make sure you're using the latest version of your browser software.

Read more in the Spread Betting section: How to Learn Spread betting and Prosper. Spread Betting - Home page. How to learn to trade correctly. Who to open an account with. All recommendations and comments are provided for general ig broker review only and should ig broker review be construed as advice. Professional advice should always be sought before buying or investing in any financial product. The price of securities and any income from them can go down as well as up.

Past performance of a security or market is not necessarily indicative of future trends. Any opinions and recommendations on LearnMoney. So which one is better? Even if you don't use charts to trade with they're useful to see where the market has been either on an intraday basis or over several days, weeks or even months.

Some bid-offer spreads are tighter with IG and others with Finspreads, it just depends on what you want to trade. Ig broker review is why I think it's an advantage to have 2 spread bet brokers, especially as it doesn't cost you any extra money. Finspreads minimum trade size is usually 50p whereas IG's ranges from 50p to several pounds depending on the contract. IG clearly has a wider range of markets but this is only relevant if you want to trade them. For example, if you're interested in Belgian or Finnish stocks then go with IG.

But if you want to trade UK markets and the big global ones Commodities, FX etc then both companies have the same range. IG Index has been around for over 30 years and FinSpreads for over So we're talking mature companies here and in the finance world that's generally who we want to be dealing with. Any spread bet firm that makes it hard to open ig broker review account is slitting its own throat so the account opening process of both IG and Finspreads is both easy and slick.

IG and Finspreads offer excellent help guides both online, and in their welcoming pack. Any trader new to ig broker review game can learn a lot from these so get studying. I don't call my brokers that much as I have little need to but whenever I do they both pick up ig broker review a few rings and are knowledgeable and helpful. Customer service is big in the spread betting world and ig broker review companies surpass themselves.

Finspreads blows IG Index away when it comes to new clients because it offers the ability to trade at just 10p a point for the first 2 months and that's an incredible advantage. On the scores above you have to go with IG Index but as I've indicated before it really does depend on what you're interested in trading and how much you want to risk. To get more information on these spread bet brokers please see their websites - Finspreads IG Index. Download the FREE report.

Spread Bet Broker review. Hidden value of stop Losses.

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IG has one of the most attractive FX brokerage accounts in the market that offers a host of trading features and direct market access to some of the major financial markets in the world.

IG depends on its 40 years of expertise in the market to offer financial products that are suited to different categories of traders, after having introduced its services to the general public as early as The broker is popularly advertised as a spread betting and CFD broker, that offers a multitude of trading instruments from several major financial markets from around the world.

IG has its main establishment in the UK but has also expanded to other regions by setting up offices in 15 different locations spread over 5 continents. Due to the sheer size of the company, IG manages around employees in its offices in different parts of the world. IG offers both standard as well as direct market access ECN accounts , which allows traders to invest in Forex, commodities, CFDs, shares, indices, bonds, futures, interest rates, bitcoins, options, and other ETFs.

An IG trading account also allows traders to indulge in the world of spread betting, which is considered to be a tax-free alternative to Forex trading. Spread betting is entirely exempted from taxes or stamp duties in the UK, which is perfect for investors looking for cost-effective trading solutions.

Apart from the traditional markets, IG also provides binary options trading that enables traders to make fixed profits by betting on the direction of a trend. These reward points can be redeemed for gifts and electronics or other promotional materials provided by IG through their seasonal offers.

It is not a surprise that the broker has shied away from deposit bonuses , primarily due to its regulatory status and the numerous complications that may occur within the broker-client relationships owing to the bonus terms and conditions. The maximum IG leverage is 1: All other instruments can be traded with a higher margin requirement, which essentially means that the leverage changes according to the type of the financial instrument.

Shares and Indices trading are offered lower leverage, while spread betting and binary options are leveraged products that have a fixed leverage according to the asset traded. The commissions and other costs decrease with an increase in the lot size, thereby providing additional incentives for larger traders and institutional investors to transmit large orders through the IG platform.

IG has spent an enormous amount of resources into offering the most extensive variety of IG platforms for traders to access the markets according to their choice. IG has provided the MT4 as the standard for the Forex traders but has designed other advanced platforms for both mobile and desktops. Traders can choose between desktop, mobile, and web-based interfaces according to their preferences, which is available for IG mobile devices as well.

Smartphones and tablet users account for a significant percentage of IG traders, and the broker offers support for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Since the MT4 platform is more commonly used as a market maker platform, IG chooses to offer the L2 dealer interface for offering direct market access. The L2 dealer has excellent connectivity, and along with built-in VPS server access, IG platforms are simply the best trading platforms in the retail FX trading market.

IG also takes care of its customers by offering live support around the clock, and by resolving trader issues as soon as they receive them. Strict regulations from the different regulators help in keeping the broker in line with a standard code of conduct, which further improves trader confidence. All client funds are treated properly and are held in segregated accounts, which are done to satisfy the licensing conditions stipulated by the leading regulators.

IG is an excellent broker for Forex trading, but there are a few major concerns. Traders are bound to be confused by the sheer number of financial instruments on offer, and it may end up disastrous for new traders. The standard trading conditions might also alienate a few traders, but overall, IG should be able to provide a high-quality trading environment for most traders.

IG 40 years of expertise in the market Up to 1: