How to run Interactive Brokers TWS on Ubuntu Linux with Java API

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I think that this is one of the better options out there for straightforward non-professional trading: I've used it for some years on Windows, but the interactive brokers trader workstation ubuntu wallpaper comes to make the move to Linux. Here, then, is a recipe for setting up TWS on a new desktop machine running Ubuntu This uses the January 6th build Interactive Brokers makes few changes to the fundamental structure of this application. It may or may not matter which Java 7 JDK you use.

But if there are interactive brokers trader workstation ubuntu wallpaper with your choice then you interactive brokers trader workstation ubuntu wallpaper only discover that fact at a late and inopportune moment, while deep in use of TWS. Head off to Oracle's Java site and download the tar. Now drop back out of root and into your user - it's never a good plan to leave a command prompt open as root. You'll forget and do things that will be annoying to clean up, such as launching desktop applications as the root user rather than as your user.

Since there are Java-based browser applications offered by Interactive Brokers, adding the necessary plugins to your browser is probably a good plan. For Firefox, you just have to create a symlink to the plugin in the JDK such that Firefox can see it:. Chrome or Chrome-derived browsers like Iron should automatically discover the plugin on the next restart - so simply close any open browser windows and reopen them. You can check to see whether the plugin is installed at the Java website.

Note that Java-enabled pages in either browser will by default not automatically run Java applications, but will show a bar at the top of the page requesting permission for to use Java. This is the way you want things you be: You should try it out at this point to make sure that everything works. No need to go beyond the login window: But why run from the command line when you can have an icon in the launcher on the Ubuntu desktop?

The first thing to do in order to achieve this goal is obtain a suitable icon. Fortunately there are many included in the TWS jar files. For example, this obtains a blue "IB" icon:. Lastly search for "Trader Workstation" in the Unity Dash click the top icon in the launcher and then launch it. Lock interactive brokers trader workstation ubuntu wallpaper icon to the launcher when it appears, and you are good to go.

They are not enabled by default in You may find that some of the TWS windows, such as chart displays, don't render, but are instead fixed invisibly interactive brokers trader workstation ubuntu wallpaper the foreground, blocking access to all other windows in the workspace. This happens about half the time if you have four open windows in your TWS configuration.

Fortunately this issue doesn't manifest in You'll want to run all of the following as root: For Firefox, you just have to create a symlink to the plugin in the JDK such that Firefox can see it: For example, this obtains a blue "IB" icon:

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