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Visit my Porsche site. One of the more challenging aspects of building a Locost is sourcing used parts at a good price. The cheapest and suggested way is to purchase a donor vehicle, from which you can source the majority of mechanical parts required. The Ke70 diff options trading "bible" suggests using a Ford Mk 2 Escort, however in Australia this is not viable due to the age of Ke70 diff options trading. It's very difficult to get ke70 diff options trading one single donor in Australia, because we have to use modern engines, and virtually all modern fours are FWD.

In fact, there are very few rear wheel drive vehicles still being produced these days. However, there are a ke70 diff options trading of ways you get there.

One is to keep an eye on the local Auction houses, such as Picklesand the other is to buy through an Auto Dismantler who imports accident damaged vehicles from Japan. The options here are to buy a front cut, a engine package, or to just buy the parts you need. I think a front cut is the best way to go, as you get the entire front half of the car.

As well as getting things such as fluid bottles, wiring looms and relays, you end up with stacks of nuts and bolts which will be handy down ke70 diff options trading track. One such Dismantler is Adelaide Jap Dismantlers. For many years, the Toyota 4AGE 16v motor has been the automatic selection for Lotus 7 clones and kitcars in Australia. This motor has been around since the early s, and is becoming tired. It is also believed not to meet the ADR emissions standard.

However, depending on your Engineer, he may be willing to pass the motor. For builders looking to match a new ish engine with old running gear, a good place to watch for cheap donors is the local council impound auctions. All the good cars are claimed, so there is only rubbish left, but again we don't care if the body is just rust and paint, or if the engine is a boat anchor.

Darren Ponton can tell you a story or three, check out this early diaries. Whilst the engine is only cc, it is a very nippy 16valve fuel injected motor, which fits the Locost chassis as if it was "made" for it. It also has an excellent 5 speed gearbox which Ben Chapman describes as "the sweetest gear shift around". If you are looking for more power, consider the Nissan SR20 in either fuel injected or blown mode.

Many of these options are being used in builds around Australia at present. Regardless of what major source of parts you select, there will be some parts required which offer little variation over what is suggested in the "book". These parts include the steering box and front stub axles, which are discussed below in more detail. You are going to need an engine This basically means any engine manufactured for sale in Australia not imported after Januaryor for sale in America afterwith all associated emissions gear, ke70 diff options trading the factory computer.

This list of current model Australian cars, courtesy of Carl Rouse, details which engines they use. However some modern engines use the ke70 diff options trading bellhousing pattern as older RWD cars used, for example the Toyota A and S engines, some Ford engines, and a few others. Whilst the majority of vehicles mentioned here are FWD with seemingly no matching RWD bellhousing, I hope some people out there will know of a matching bellhousing.

Adapter plates can be made by specialist Machine shops that fit between the bellhousing and the engine, to provide attachment points at the locations that they both expect. This ke70 diff options trading you can use any engine ke70 diff options trading like, but is considerably more work.

In addition to this site, check out the following builders web sites for examples: MX5 - Ben Chapman. Nissan - Dick Lukoszek. Toyota - Darren Ponton. If any other builders out in Locost land are aware of other Web sites detailing builds using the above engines, please email me with the address. To keep things simple, most builders retain the suggested Coritna uprights.

To accommodate this extra height, I have had to raise the mounting position of the front upper suspension brackets. I also found that the ke70 diff options trading mounting hole on the upright was too thick, which meant that the Transit drag link shaft was not long enough to go all the way through.

I had to get the eyelet machined by 6mm on the underside, so that the lock nut would fit properly. The book suggests using a Ford Escort rack. For a standard width Locost, this is still the preferred option. However if you follow the trend of increasing the width mm, the Cortina rack is the common pick as it matches the width more or less without modification. The most common axle setup is the live rear axle, and depending on the width of your Locost, the popular choices are either Escort or Cortina, though the subject often comes up of a different suitable donor.

Other axles that have been successfully used ke70 diff options trading MX-5, has an independent rear suspension that can be used as a unit though it is wider than the standard Locost chassis, and will require a number of chassis modifications to use. Has been used by Ben Chapman. Silvia or ke70 diff options trading, also an independent rear suspension, has been used successfully.

Datsunanother IRS setup, though ke70 diff options trading time it is not a self-contained unit. Requires chassis modifications to use. Tricky Hargraves can provide details of this setup. For a standard width setup, the Gemini is also an option although it may be a bit narrow.

If you have to buy a part to repair something, then it's usually a good idea to buy it new. This especially applies to bushes, steering, brakes and other safety related components. Usually if it needs replacement, then it's a part that wears naturally and it's going to have to be replaced again later, so why only change it once???

Secondhand bits are still usable, as long as you know what to look ke70 diff options trading to ensure that it's still a quality part. It's not much good getting gears that look all right, but lose half their teeth the first time you put your foot down very unlikely but Building a Kitcar in Aust. Donor vehicles and Sourcing parts One of the more challenging aspects of building a Locost is sourcing used parts at a good price.

Engines You are going to need an engine Front Uprights To keep things simple, most builders retain the suggested Coritna uprights. Steering Rack The book suggests using a Ford Escort rack. Rear Axle Ke70 diff options trading most common axle setup ke70 diff options trading the live rear axle, and ke70 diff options trading on the width of your Locost, the popular choices are either Escort or Cortina, though the subject often comes up ke70 diff options trading a different suitable donor.

Sourcing Bits If you have to buy a part to repair something, then it's usually a good idea to buy it new.

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