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I just never knew how. Many of my friends who are founders of their own companies tell me how they exhibited the entrepreneurial spirit as a kid — they sold candy out of their backpacks, had a landscaping business during the summer, etc. They created value and learned the virtues of hard work early on.

I mean, who could blame me? By the time I decided to move to San Francisco, I was completely and totally clueless. Just as bad was my sense of timing. By the time I entered the job market the dot-com bubble had burst, leaving scores of smart people unemployed and a wave of VC firms bust. A lot of people were leaving the Bay Area to go back to wherever they had come from, but I was too stupid to know anything about the logical decisions people made.

The call center manager who monitored our training was in his late twenties and had a smug grin on his face all day, every day. He smirked a lot and I despised him. It struck me that if I could build cheaper call center softwareI could make my own software company — a nd have revenge on The Smirker. After a weekend of discussing dreams and man-feelings, we got each other excited enough to decide to quit our jobs the following Monday.

I gave my two weeks notice. Then something odd happened. You know what Bro? Instead, I hung up the phone and punched the wall. Maybe a few times. Then I called him back and asked him, as calmly as I could, if he knew of anyone else at his newly acquired startup that might want to create a software company with me. I reminded him that I was good at selling shit. When we met at Heavenly Ski Resort I discovered an obviously brilliant guy who disliked kiml brokerage and trading company in india life and had an unbridled affection for activities that may not have been fully legal in the state of California.

But hey, we all had issues. To his credit, and somewhat to my amazement, he sent an email to his boss and quit that night. A few weeks later he sold his house in Boston and bought a new one in the Bay Area.

But what kiml brokerage and trading company in india him such a risk taker and brilliant programmer also made him a supreme asshole at times. There were so many depressing nights alone that often I would watch my favorite movie, The Shawshank Redemption, over and over, mindlessly. Maybe seeing Andy Dufresne enduring so much shit made me feel better about my own situation. Clearly, I needed help therapyso I asked my former boss at the discount brokerage firm if he knew of any angel investors.

Thankfully, he introduced me kiml brokerage and trading company in india his favorite day-trader kiml brokerage and trading company in india and explained to him that I was a promising entrepreneur and that Tooter was an amazing engineer, which he absolutely was. I explained to the investor as passionately as I could that I was going to build a successful software kiml brokerage and trading company in india or die trying, and that I was into self-preservation, so….

And as my two engineers built a beta version of our call center softwareI started dialing for dollars and calling call center owners with the pitch and promise of something cheaper. After what must have been more than 2, cold calls, I finally reached a receptive voice on the other line.

Joe owned a small but successful call center in Provo, Utah. We started shipping Dell machines with a Dialogic telephony board inside loaded with our call center software. You want to be the low-cost leader for the rest of your lives hustling these shit-boxes? That would be a critical advantage for us, if we could pull it off, kiml brokerage and trading company in india it was significantly less hardware to purchase and much easier to manage customer accounts.

But there was another problem. We both loved gadgets and we just thought it was so cool to be able to make long distance calls for free over the Internet. Because a SaaS call center product has to have three phone connections ongoing per each call center agent versus the traditional two in an on-premise modelit ate into much of the cost savings a customer would experience moving to SaaS.

A service based on Voice Over IP would give us another tremendous advantage in the marketplace, as customers could actually lower their phone bills. Few others were thinking about multi-tenancy and Voice Over IP, but I was finally starting to buy clues. And I had the good fortune of Tooter, The Machine and my former boss eventually rallying around my vision with their considerable super powers. Brittany Spears was dating someone new. Sounds fucking good, right?

I dropped to kiml brokerage and trading company in india knees, literally floored. We faced so many obstacles still, I knew that, but at that moment, and for the first time ever, I felt supremely confident that we were going to crush it. The competitors, the doubters, everyone. We were going to destroy the industry, then reinvent it in our own image. We finally figured out a way to deliver a product that was 10x better and 5x cheaper.

That Safeway Express Checkout line where I got our first Voice Over IP call reminded me of that scene in The Shawshank Redemption where the main character crawls through miles of sewage pipe before finally being able to break free. Our competitors, most of whom had not replied to my previous emails asking if I could buy them lunch in the city, were suddenly stunned at how low our prices were.

Ironically, we did end up being the low-cost leader, something we could do because our intrinsic costs were so much lower. You just have to believe in yourself against all reasonable logic, as trite as that sounds. And that you will disappear kiml brokerage and trading company in india a beach in Mexico with a bag full of money, meet up with your co-conspirators and have margaritas.

John Sung Kim Contributor. After so many rejections, I wanted to reject myself. Few others were thinking about multi-tenancy and Voice Over IP. We got a great office space that impressed everyone except my father.

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Founded in , Zerodha is known for its discount pricing model and innovative use of technology. The company claims to be "India's first discount brokerage" [9] having debuted the " discount broking " model in India that is popular in developed markets. Instead, a flat fee of a maximum of Rs: In December , Zerodha became the first Indian stock broker to offer brokerage and commission-free equity investments.

In early , Zerodha launched " The Rupee tales ", a Box set of five illustrated financial literacy books for children. Authored by Karthik Rangappa, [18] the books have received critical acclaim. Launched in December , Kite Connect is Zerodha's Platform as a service API that enables companies to rapidly develop and deploy stock trading platforms [25] without the complexity of building technological, operational, and regulatory stock broking infrastructure.

Zerodha launched "Coin", its mutual fund platform, in March It offers commission-free direct mutual funds to end users. In , Zerodha launched a free-for-all financial literacy program called Zerodha Varsity [29]. There are over 9 modules on Stock Markets ranging from basics of the markets going all the way to explain advanced trading and investing strategies, market taxation, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zerodha Type of site. Nikhil Kamath - Chess to derivatives, all in a day's work".

The Hindu Business Line. The Times of India. How the Bootstrap Champ Zerodha is taking investment to the masses". The New Indian Express. Retrieved from " https: Brokerage firms Financial services companies of India Companies based in Bangalore Online brokerages. Pages using deprecated image syntax. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bangalore , Karnataka , India.