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This research, design and visioning program will involve a two-day futures workshop in Pune where experts from different fields will be brought together to share knowledge and help envision the future. Specialists from different research groups, product development and strategy teams in areas of urbanism, information and communications technology, and energy systems are invited to join us for this important event. Indian cities are becoming more and more similar to their global peers, with tighter regulations concerning automotive registration, pollution and emissions control, parking restrictions including congestion charges and limits to the numbers of automobiles and the minimum number of passengers per automobile.

How will urban density, public transportation systems and the fact of traffic change the transportation industry as a whole in future? Will car sharing become a reality in urban India? Will kommentare mit titantraden need to be collapsible, storable, interchangeable — all in order to allow people to navigate the urban landscape? Why and how will we need kommentare mit titantraden commute in future?

What kinds of speeds, times, durations and distances will we need to plan for? What kind of urban infrastructure will exist? What kinds of variations among classes and categories of users can we envision? Will there be car-sharing systems? What kinds of interfaces with portable and mobile media will automobiles have in the future? Will there be shared amplifiers and stereo systems that interlink with iPods, iPhones, iPads and their equivalents, Navigation technologies that provide continuous orientation and feedback, security systems that rely on mobile forms kommentare mit titantraden identity, theft recovery, remote operation and unlocking, internal diagnostic and feedback systems, among many other future possibilities.

If consumers are to make car choices based on the kind of fuel or fuels the car consumes, how will this impact the automotive sector? Will consumers prefer electric, hydrogen, or CNG types of fuel? Will solar-powered cars become possible within a decade?

What kinds of developments in the energy sector should automobile manufacturers be aware of as they begin to plan for the future? For more information or to volunteer to become a part of this program, please contact outreach cks. Homes would have less plastic and lot less high kommentare mit titantraden stuff, Things as in refregerators, Microwaves and tvs which are advanced technology for domestic applications would be replaced low tech alternative technologies, and lot more social interaction.

Service providers, not just in domestic help but services provided as in centralised cooling, repairs of domestic appliances, Library of clothes, home decoratives, books, music, toys etc, house repairist as in kommentare mit titantraden etc. Lots and lots of traning in DIY projects from house repairs to gifts.

Co-living, sharing of house with guest as in paying guest etc, kommentare mit titantraden cooking as in a common kitchen platform for the entire building something like sanhjha chulla, Community Theaters as in drama and music and games. Lots of walking path with green trees, bicycle tracks, lots of designing required with paddling as vehicle as in cycle rickshaw, paddle powered buses, etc.

Good bus service, metro as well as locals. Cars should be few and car should be a sign of ageing when a person doesnt have physical power that means they are weak, handicap or old only then own a car.

I would love kommentare mit titantraden bring back horses, camels and elephants on roads but then lets kommentare mit titantraden them for our villages kommentare mit titantraden else we can have them for occasions.

Urban Farming and Self Healing: Every household grows certains herbs and vegetables for their family use, Roof gardens, trees along side of roadssmall vegetable garden in any and every possible spaces like markets, museums, theaters.

People should regularly do self healing from yoga, to home thearpy to ayurved, homeopathy only in emegency seek help in alopathy. Hospitals should be green more focus on alternative treatments. Active and strong general assemblies for the locality and governace runs with coordination of general assembly. The entire state is localised to regions and all regions have their own complimentary currency, and local bussinesses.

Many exchanges possible of skills, barter, sharing, gifting. In country of Gandhi we do not need weapons, Our army will not be like any british or american army, but yogis with disciplined lifestyle and very kind and humorous nature so that with their wits they can defuse tensions.

Greetings, I am interested in your Imagining India program. Can you send me some more information? Vihara Innovation Campus 3rd November Imagining Urban India February 8, by kommentare mit titantraden 3 Comments. Kommentare mit titantraden 9, at I would rather like to write what I imagine urban India to be by February 10, at 8: And kommentare mit titantraden like to participate as much as I can.

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