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All contents and information presented here in optiontradingpedia. We have a comprehensive system to detect plagiarism and will take listed options premium settlement action against any individuals, websites or companies involved. Cash Settled Options - Introduction Cash Settled Options, or cash delivered options, are options with the cash settlement feature. Cash settlement means that instead of the underlying asset, cash profit is given to its holder when the option is exercised.

This is as opposed to the more commonly found Physically Settled Options which gives listed options premium settlement holder of the option the underlying asset itself when exercised. This tutorial shall explore in more detail what Cash Settled Options listed options premium settlement, their characteristics, where they are commonly found and their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Settlement in options trading is listed options premium settlement process where the terms of an options contract are resolved between the holder and the writer. In options trading, the holder is the person who owns an options contract and a writer is the person who sold the holder that options contract.

Settlement in a call options contract involves the holder of the options contract paying the writer for the underlying asset at the strike price. Settlement in a put options contract involves the holder of the options contract selling the underlying asset to the writer at the strike price.

After settlement, the options contract will cease to exist and all obligations between the holder and the writer would be resolved. Settlement can happen under 2 circumstances; Voluntary exercise by the holder or automatic exercise upon expiration.

The holder of an Listed options premium settlement Style Option could choose to voluntarily exercise their options anytime prior to expiration.

Once that happens, settlement listed options premium settlement place between the holder and the writer and the options contract is resolved. Upon expiration of an options contract, whether American Style or European Styleit is automatically exercised if it is in the money on expiration day. Physical settlement involves the transfer of the actual underlying asset between the holder and the writer as described above and is the most common type of settlement method.

Cash settled options are usually created on assets that is inconvenient or impossible to transfer. This is why most index options and some forex options tends to be cash settled options. Indeed, cash settled options act just like a betting ticket between the holder and the writer with the loser ultimately paying the winner the cash profits.

Here's an example of what happens in a Cash Settled Options settlement: Cash Settled Options Example: No physical or actual assets are transferred.

In most instances, there won't be both cash settled options and physically settled options on a single underlying asset. Cash settled options are priced using the Black-Scholes options pricing listed options premium settlement as they are usually European style options.

Just like any other options, the extrinsic value of cash settled options are subject to time decay which makes it possible for use in creative options strategies.

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