Changing Mac Key Bindings

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This post explains the steps I took to make my Mac keyboard work more like a PC keyboard. The goal here is not necessarily for keys with the same names to be in the same position e. Until last summer, I mac key bindings editor used Windows and various distributions of Linux.

Last summer I mac key bindings editor my mac key bindings editor laptop, a MacBook Air. Both Windows and Linux i. For example, Ctrl-C is used for copying on Windows and it is also used for copying on every desktop environment I have used on Linux. For example, the key binding for copying is Command-Cand the Command key on a Mac keyboard is located in a different position than the Ctrl key is on a PC keyboard. I decided right away to modify the Mac key bindings so they would be more like the bindings that I was familiar with.

However, since I was still planning on using multiple platforms, I wanted to make switching back and forth as seamless as possible. The first mac key bindings editor is changing the Modifier Keys… settings in the keyboard settings in system preferences. The settings are shown below. The idea for editing DefaultKeyBinding. Mac key bindings editor last step is making the keys on your keyboard reflect the changed settings.

The image below shows the stickers on my MacBook Air keyboard. Here is the PNG file with the labels: First, print the stickers on a vinyl adhesive sheet. The preceding link indicates that the product is for an inkjet. Next, cover the sheet with a laminate sticker. Lastly, cut out the key labels, peel off the back layer of the sticker, and stick the labels on your keyboard. The image I attached with key labels shows the sharp corners on the labels I created.

An alternative to printing your own custom keyboard labels is to order custom labels from a site such as DataCal. Thanks for posting this. Much mac key bindings editor googling to do in the coming days. I also tried to modify Excel on Mac so that it would work more like the version on Windows. I ultimately ended up running Excel in a Windows virtual machine, using VirtualBox. I set up shared folders so that the virtual machine could access files on the host.

However, after modifying the key bindings in OS X as described in this postI had to make additional modifications to the key bindings in the Windows virtual machine. I used AutoHotkey for that, adding the following to my AutoHotkey script:. I am afraid that for certain things i will have to do that, open the PC virtual version. But to have to re-re-direction the keys is way too mucho!

But the Hardware rocks. An yet, running Windows virtually on them is not making good use of the speed. I did read a post on how to run a script every time you press the function key you want. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Configure Modifier Keys The first step is mac key bindings editor the Modifier Keys… settings in the keyboard settings in system preferences.

Print Keyboard Stickers The last step is making the keys on your keyboard reflect the changed settings.

This entry was tagged os x. January 2, mac key bindings editor 9: January 3, at 2: Hi Javier, I also tried to modify Excel on Mac so that it would work more like the version on Windows.

I used AutoHotkey for that, adding the following to my AutoHotkey script: January 4, at Thanks for the follow up! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some blog posts, such as those that serve to express my opinion on some matter, may be covered by a more restrictive license e. When this is the case, details will be appended to the post. If you have any mac key bindings editor, please. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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Download at [ Karabiner At https: For example, distinguish left Ctrl vs right Ctrl , remap Escape , remap Enter key, etc. Suppose you have a gaming mouse, and you've set buttons to do copy and paste, across any computer running macOS.

Get a programable keyboard with onboard memory. This is the best solution. Because you can plug the keyboard in any computer and it'll work with your settings. App launchers are primarily designed to launch apps, open files, run scripts.

You set a key to do them, or, a hotkey that pops up a dialog, then type any letter to launch or search. Seems to let you remap any USB input device's signals in flexible ways, including mouse.

I've been using ControllerMate for several years now and I have to say that it is really an amazing and extremely powerful piece of software, and very flexible! The developer is also very quick to respond to questions on the forum and to come up with solutions which require coding custom patches or add ons to download, or updates to download- depending on the situation.

There is a bit of a learning curve! And while the interface is logical and straightforward, getting used to the basic underlying logic behind it all takes some time. But I can't even begin to explain all the unique and creative things you can do with it. But I'll give a could examples Another major product was creating a very unique, customized programming for a Logitech G In some cases I set them up to trigger regular hotkeys, sometimes I create custom hotkeys with the keyboard control panel typically using combos involving keys that aren't even on my keyboard or that are very difficult to type , and sometimes I have them trigger AppleScripts that native commands or use GUI control but only if the app is already running.

Honestly that barely even scratches the surface of all the things I know that ControllerMate can do which is only a fraction of what it can really do! Ask me question on patreon. Key Remapping and Keybinding Tools Mac: Tip me, at patreon or paypal to xah xahlee.