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Students are accepting and friendly to new students, and aren't as stuck up and pretentious as students at other charter schools I've attended. The teachers online school options in minnesota to teach and the students want to learn, which is how a online school options in minnesota should be. Creativity and individuality is encouraged here, and the flexible rules and environment are ideal for creative students online school options in minnesota students with mental health needs.

It's not a school for everyone, but it's a school that many people could feel welcome in. I love my school, it's an online school which means those who apply for it must be self motivated because teachers aren't looking over your shoulder, but besides that it's total freedom.

You are allowed to learn whatever you want, any way you want, whenever you want to. One of the biggest things I love about the school I that the people who rave about how wonderful the school is is the classmates, I have participated in many conversations about how awesome the school is, whereas at other schools I went to the teachers were the ones who pushed how great the school was and the students didn't have much to say for it.

I believe that this school is very college preparatory by the way it doesn't look over it's students and gives them a lot of time outside of class to work on their own.

In my experience as a student at connections academy, I was very impressed with the online teachers and counselors level of care and commitment. My parents were very impressed by the school's communication system which allowed them to keep online school options in minnesota of my progress.

We also appreciated the amount of field trips and opportunities to interact with the different students. I also greatly appreciated the flexibility of the online courses.

My teachers were very helpful when I would fall a little behind on my assignments by helping me understand the material better with one on one live lesson sessions. The teachers and counselors were always very prompt with responding to emails.

Sometimes they would respond within the hour. One of the only things I would change would be to add teacher evaluations at the end of the year. I feel this would help the students ensure they are getting the best education possible. I love Minnesota Virtual Academy! They offer an extremely online school options in minnesota education with all the benefits of an in-person high school. The teachers are highly educated, and very easy to reach when there is a problem. Sometimes it takes a while for counselors to email you back, but that is only because they want to find all the information they possibly can to help you with your problems.

I love how independent you can be at MNVA, they let you set your own schedule, and monitor your progress. This is a great online school options in minnesota for people with time-consuming medical problems, or just those online school options in minnesota want a more individualized educational atmosphere.

I would suggest it to any student who is hard-working and self-motivating. I was nervous about switching from a "normal" to online school, but once I saw all of the topics that were offered, I was way more excited than worried.

Classes like Forensic Science and Anthropology were some of the courses that really stood out to me because I was interested in them and they weren't offered at my old school. In addition to the wide variety of subjects offered, I was also surprised at how dedicated each teacher and counselor was to making sure a student's education was right for them. None of us are ever pushed down a generic path because each of the teachers realize that every student is different and they respect that.

My favorite thing was that I got to travel while online school options in minnesota my schooling. I was in an online cooking course and I liked that I was able to add in what I was learning in the places I visited.

For example, while I was online school options in minnesota about different types of barbecue I was in Las Vegas and with some friends from New Mexico, who taught me their online school options in minnesota ways with chilies and things like chocolatal similar to hot chocolate. Actually Brunswick was not on his original list because it is an all-boy school.

My son visited the school and loved it and we were surprised that we were impressed too! I was a little concerned since we had heard that the school is sporty since it has fine athletes and one never truly knows how it will be until they spend time and experience it themselves. What we learned is that our son met kind boys and a welcoming community. The offerings are outstanding and impressive. One more crucial piece for us is the character of those teaching and surrounding our son.

The teachers are all knowledgable and really great people. It is a wonderful place to be, learn, and grow. Courage, Honor, Truth is alive in the spirit of Brunswick and we couldn't be more pleased! Although there were not very many choices in courses, but the teachers are very dedicated. It would be great if there were more courses offered and extracurricular activities. I love the different kinds of classes offered at this school.

There is quite the variety of classes offered at this school, from young parenting to history- it's all there! The scheduling is fine, the campus is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you complete the classes on your own time online in between. The workload is all on the student, as in, the student gets to pick how many classes they want, so the workload is a fair amount. I liked how Minnesota Online High School allows a lot more flexibility on the student's part, while still maintaining clear expectations of the students and having responsive staff.

The teachers are very understanding and kind, and they do their best in ensuring that each student gets the help they need to graduate and succeed beyond graduation. Doing high school online was great! I didn't have to ride the bus into town or transport myself anywhere unless I wanted to.

I learned so much more about math than I ever did going to the public school. Course work has an emphasis around teaching yourself. This discipline will be helpful during college. Cortona Academy is the epitome of a great school. The classes are tailored to the needs of the students, and the teachers give them methods that they will use to be successful in College.

My child has ADHD, and although very smart, he was failing in the other school he used to attend. Cortona Academy allowed him to get back on track, to develop method in a supportive and understanding environment. The cost is equal to most private schools in the area, but the investment is worth every penny!

Before Cortona, my child was anxious and thought that he didn't have a future. In addition to a great education, Cortona Academy gave him back hope in his future! Worthington Senior High a lot of amazing characteristics but one main thing that I notice is the diversity. Growing up in this diverse community, has given me abundant amounts of opportunities to be engulfed in different cultures.

Not only is the High School diverse but the city of Worthington is very diverse as well. I wouldn't have wanted online school options in minnesota grow up anywhere else and thanks to Worthington, I am more captivated to travel the world and learn about even more cultures than I already have. Log In Sign Up. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Please turn it on if you're experiencing issues.

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