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Bootstrap is currently the most popular web framework for developing responsive web applications. It offers a number of features and benefits optionen ansprechende can improve your users' experience with your web site, whether you're a novice at front-end design and development or an expert.

Bootstrap is deployed as a set of CSS and JavaScript files, and is designed to help your website or application scale efficiently from phones to tablets to desktops. There are several ways to optionen ansprechende started with Bootstrap. If you're starting a new web application in Visual Studio, you can choose the default starter template for ASP.

NET Core, in which case Bootstrap will come pre-installed: Adding Bootstrap optionen ansprechende an ASP. NET Core project is simply a matter of adding it to bower. This is the recommended way to add Bootstrap to an ASP. Bower, Npm oder NuGet Bootstrap installieren. You can also install bootstrap using one of several package managers, such as Bower, npm, or NuGet. In jedem Fall ist der Prozess im Wesentlichen identisch: In each case, the process optionen ansprechende essentially the same: NET Core per Bower ist mit "bower.

JSON"wie oben gezeigt. The recommended way to install client-side dependencies like Bootstrap in ASP. NET Core is via Bower using bower.

If you're referencing your own local versions of Bootstrap, you'll need to reference them in any pages that will use it. In production you should reference bootstrap using a CDN. In der Standardeinstellung ASP. In the default ASP.

If you're going to be using any of Bootstrap's jQuery plugins, you will also need to reference jQuery. The navbar-header div includes a button that will appear when the screen is below a certain minimum width, showing 3 horizontal lines a so-called "hamburger icon".

This is the code that displays the icon, with each of the tags rendering optionen ansprechende of the white bars: It also includes the application name, which appears in the top left.

You can see how the built-in About page appears using this template: The collapsed navbar, with "hamburger" button in the top right, appears optionen ansprechende the window drops below a certain width: Clicking the icon reveals optionen ansprechende menu items in a vertical drawer that slides down optionen ansprechende the top optionen ansprechende the page: Bootstrap sets up the site's basic typography, colors, and link formatting in its CSS file.

This CSS file includes default styles for tables, buttons, form elements, images, and more learn more. One particularly useful feature is the grid layout system, covered optionen ansprechende. One of the most popular features of Bootstrap is its grid layout system. There are several advantages to this approach, including the ability to adjust the layout of grids to display vertically on narrow screens, such as on optionen ansprechende.

Bootstrap's grid layout system is based on twelve columns. For instance, if you want to simply have two columns optionen ansprechende equal size, you would use a class of "col-md-6" for each one. In this case optionen ansprechende is short for "medium" and refers to standard-sized desktop computer display sizes. There are four different options you can choose from, and each will be used for higher widths unless overridden so if you want the layout to be fixed regardless of screen width, you can just specify xs classes.

When specifying two columns both with optionen ansprechende the resulting layout will be two columns at desktop resolutions, but optionen ansprechende two columns will stack vertically when rendered on smaller devices or a narrower browser window on a desktopallowing users to easily view content without the need to scroll horizontally.

Bootstrap will always default to a single-column layout, so you only need to specify columns when you want more optionen ansprechende one column. When specifying multiple device tier classes, you may need to reset the column rendering at certain points. Adding a clearfix div that's only optionen ansprechende within a certain viewport can achieve this, as shown here: In the above example, One and Two share a row in the "md" layout, while Two and Three share a row in the "xs" layout.

If you've used the default ASP. Optionen ansprechende refers to a large full-width section of a page that can be used to display a large optionen ansprechende image, a call to action, a rotator, or similar elements. We can easily adjust the standard About page to use a jumbotron for the main headings it displays: The default button classes and their colors are shown in the figure below.

Signale finden Sie in kleinen, in der Regel numerischen Legenden neben ein Navigationselement. Badges refer to small, usually numeric callouts next to a navigation item. They can indicate a number of messages or optionen ansprechende waiting, or the presence of updates.

Specifying such badges is as simple as adding a containing the text, with a class of "badge": You may need to display some kind of notification, alert, or error message to your application's users. That's where the standard alert classes are useful. Es gibt vier verschiedene Schweregrade mit zugeordneten Farbschemas aus: There are four different severity levels with associated color schemes: Our layout already includes a standard navbar, but the Bootstrap theme supports additional styling options.

We can also easily opt to display the navbar vertically rather than horizontally if that's preferred, as well as adding sub-navigation items in flyout menus. Registerkarte leisten, basieren auf der Basis von Simple navigation menus, like tab strips, are built on top of Elemente.

These can be created very simply by just providing them with the CSS classes optionen ansprechende and "nav-tabs": Navbars are built similarly, but are a bit more complex. Our page includes a navbar in its header already — the one shown below optionen ansprechende expands on this, adding support for a dropdown menu: The default theme can also be used to present HTML tables in optionen ansprechende nicely formatted style, including support for striped views.

There are labels with styles that optionen ansprechende similar to those of the buttons. If you optionen ansprechende a progress bar, optionen ansprechende are several styles to choose from, as well as List Groups and panels that include a title and content. Explore additional options within the standard Bootstrap Theme here: You can extend the standard Bootstrap theme by overriding some or all of its CSS, adjusting the colors and styles optionen ansprechende suit your own application's needs.

If you'd like to start from a ready-made theme, there are several theme galleries available online that specialize in Bootstrap themes, such as WrapBootstrap. Some of the paid templates available provide a great deal of functionality on top of the basic Bootstrap theme, such as rich support for administrative menus, and dashboards with rich charts optionen ansprechende gauges.

Ein Beispiel-Screenshot ist unten dargestellt. A sample screenshot is shown below. If you want to change your Bootstrap theme, put the bootstrap. Change the links for all environments: If you want to build your own dashboard, you can start from the free example available here: In addition to those elements already discussed, Bootstrap includes support for a variety of built-in UI components.

Bootstrap includes icon sets from Glyphicons http: So sieht nur ein kleiner Teil aus: Here's just a small sample: Input groups allow bundling of additional text or buttons with an input element, providing the user with a more intuitive experience: Breadcrumbs are a common UI component used to show a user their optionen ansprechende history or depth within a site's navigation hierarchy.

Optionen ansprechende a particular aspect ratio by using specific classes like "embed-responsiveby9". Bootstrap's JavaScript library includes API support for the included components, allowing you to control their behavior programmatically within your application.

Es ist nicht ausreichend Optionen ansprechende vorhanden optionen ansprechende, behandelt die JavaScript-Add-Ons Bootstrap — erfahren Sie mehr besuchen integriert http: There's not sufficient room to cover all of the JavaScript add-ons built into Bootstrap — to learn more please visit http: Bootstrap bietet ein Web-Framework, die schnell und produktiver gestalten und Formatieren einer Vielzahl optionen ansprechende Websites und Anwendungen verwendet werden kann.

Bootstrap provides a web framework that can be used to quickly and productively lay out and style a optionen ansprechende variety of websites and applications. Optionen ansprechende basic typography and styles provide a pleasant look and feel that can easily be manipulated through custom theme support, optionen ansprechende can be hand-crafted or purchased commercially.

It supports a host of web components optionen ansprechende in the past would've required expensive third-party controls to accomplish, while supporting modern and open web standards.

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The options pattern uses options classes to represent groups of related settings. Wenn Konfigurationseinstellungen nach Feature in getrennte Optionsklassen isoliert werden, entspricht die Anwendung zwei wichtigen Softwareentwicklungsprinzipien: When configuration settings are isolated by feature into separate options classes, the app adheres to two important software engineering principles: Anzeigen oder Herunterladen von Beispielcode Vorgehensweise zum Herunterladen Dieser Artikel kann mit der Beispielanwendung einfacher gelesen werden.

View or download sample code how to download This article is easier to follow with the sample app. An options class must be non-abstract with a public parameterless constructor. The following class, MyOptions , has two properties, Option1 and Option2.

Das Festlegen von Standardwerten ist optional, aber der Klassenkonstruktor im folgenden Beispiel legt den Standardwert von Option1 fest. Setting default values is optional, but the class constructor in the following example sets the default value of Option1.

When the app is run, the page model's OnGet method returns a string showing the option class values: Verwenden Sie einen Delegaten zum Festlegen von Optionswerten. Use a delegate to set options values. You can add multiple configuration providers. Configuration providers are available in NuGet packages.

Sie werden in der Reihenfolge ihrer Registrierung angewendet. They're applied in order that they're registered. Im vorherigen Beispiel wurden die Werte von Option1 und Option2 beide in appsettings.

In the preceding example, the values of Option1 and Option2 are both specified in appsettings. Wenn mehr als ein Konfigurationsdienst aktiviert ist, gewinnt die letzte angegebene Konfigurationsquelle und legt den Konfigurationswert fest. When more than one configuration service is enabled, the last configuration source specified wins and sets the configuration value. Apps should create options classes that pertain to specific feature groups classes in the app. Parts of the app that require configuration values should only have access to the configuration values that they use.

When binding options to configuration, each property in the options type is bound to a configuration key of the form property[: For example, the MyOptions. Option1 property is bound to the key Option1 , which is read from the option1 property in appsettings. It binds MySubOptions to the section subsection of the appsettings.

Die GetSection -Erweiterungsmethode erfordert das Microsoft. The GetSection extension method requires the Microsoft. Wenn die Anwendung das Microsoft. All -Metapaket verwendet, ist das Paket automatisch eingeschlossen. If the app uses the Microsoft. All metapackage, the package is automatically included. When the app is run, the OnGet method returns a string showing the sub-option class values: When the app is run, the option values are shown in the rendered page: IOptionsSnapshot supports reloading options with minimal processing overhead.

Im folgenden Beispiel wird veranschaulicht, wie eine neue IOptionsSnapshot nach den appsettings. The following example demonstrates how a new IOptionsSnapshot is created after appsettings.

Multiple requests to the server return constant values provided by the appsettings. The following image shows the initial option1 and option2 values loaded from the appsettings.

Change the values in the appsettings. Speichern Sie die appsettings. Aktualisieren Sie den Browser, um festzustellen, ob die Optionswerte aktualisiert wurden: Refresh the browser to see that the options values are updated: Named options support allows the app to distinguish between named options configurations. Running the sample app, the named options are returned: Sie werden aus der appsettings.

Configure all named options instances with the OptionsServiceCollectionExtensions. The following code configures Option1 for all named configuration instances with a common value. Add the following code manually to the Configure method: Running the sample app after adding the code produces the following result: Existing IConfigureOption instances are treated as targeting the Options. DefaultName instance, which is string. Die benannte Option null wird verwendet, um auf alle benannten Instanzen anstelle einer bestimmten benannten Instanz abzuzielen ConfigureAll und PostConfigureAll verwenden diese Konvention.

The null named option is used to target all of the named instances instead of a specific named instance ConfigureAll and PostConfigureAll use this convention. IOptionsMonitor is used for notifications when TOptions instances change. It has a single Create method. The default implementation takes all registered IConfigureOptions and IPostConfigureOptions and runs all the configures first, followed by the post-configures.

Values can be manually introduced as well with TryAdd. Die Clear -Methode wird verwendet, wenn alle benannten Instanzen bei Bedarf neu erstellt werden sollen. The Clear method is used when all named instances should be recreated on demand. IOptions can be used in Configure , since services are built before the Configure method executes. If a service provider is built in ConfigureServices to access options, it wouldn't contain any options configurations provided after the service provider is built.

Aus diesem Grund kann es einen inkonsistenten Optionszustand geben. Dies liegt an der Reihenfolge der Dienstregistrierungen. Therefore, an inconsistent options state may exist due to the ordering of service registrations. Since options are typically loaded from configuration, configuration can be used in startup in both Configure and ConfigureServices.

For examples of using configuration during startup, see the Application startup topic. Features classes that depend on configuration settings depend only on the configuration settings that they use. Settings for different parts of the app aren't dependent or coupled to one another. Options bound and configured by a delegate services. The default value for Option2 provided by the MyOptions class.