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Energy markets are increasingly interconnected, providing arbitrage and risk management opportunities on a global scale. Evolution Markets offers institutional brokerage services across a broad array of energy products.

From globally traded markets, such as oil, coal, biomass, and power trade brokers fuels to regional markets for natural gas, power, and biofuels, Evolution Markets has comprehensive coverage from teams located in London, New York, Houston, and Singapore.

Our desks work in concert to unlock unique hedging opportunities and ensure the most efficient execution of OTC physical and financial trades, as well as structured transactions. Evolution Markets offers brokerage services for OTC markets throughout the barrel. Our brokers facilitate futures block trades, physical trades of crude and refined products, as well as OTC financial trades and options structures.

Power trading in the U. Increased liquidity at delivery hubs across Europe have resulted in price volatility and new hedging opportunities. Coal has developed into a truly global market, with hedging opportunities in the U.

Coal was one of the first products we brokered, and our founding partners helped launch the market in the s. Over time, we have added brokerage capabilities in European and Asian markets for physical and power trade brokers trades, as well as structured off-take agreements.

It is a globally traded metal with unique characteristics that transacts in traditional ways. Mining companies and storage facilities are cornerstones of the market. Supply is tightly controlled and in the hands of a limited number of companies.

However, the fuel power trade brokers is complex and involves an increasing variety of participants. Market participants face price volatility and volume risk, as in other commodity markets. Evolution Markets offers unmatched experience structuring hedges and facilitating trades throughout the fuel cycle. Evolution Markets specializes in the nexus between energy and environmental markets, which is exactly where global biomass markets power trade brokers.

Power producers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and encouraged by national environmental regulations are converting coal-fired plants to burn biomass. The sustainable, renewable, and baseload resource comes in a variety of forms, and carries traditional energy commodity risk profiles. Evolution Markets assists producers to find off-take counterparties and power generators to source stable supply.

We also help both sets of power trade brokers participants hedge price and volume risk, as well as take advantage of unique arbitrage opportunities. More than a niche market, biofuels power trade brokers become a core power trade brokers of the U.

Biofuels, including biodiesel and ethanol, experience volatility correlated to crude product markets, as well as agriculture markets. Understanding the interplay of these commodities is power trade brokers. Our brokers have this expertise, and our brokerage services seek to leverage it. Our institutional power trade brokers of environmental markets is also a strength, and we broker trades in the adjacent biofuels credit markets, including those for ethanol and biodiesel renewable identification numbers RINs and the low carbon fuel standard LCFS in California.

Home Markets We Serve Energy. Natural Gas Basis Brokerage Desk.

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It is challenging for most businesses without energy managers to obtain price comparisons from a variety of suppliers since prices must be compared on exactly the same day. In addition, the terms of the particular contract offered by the supplier influences the price that is quoted. An energy broker can provide a valuable service if they work with a large number of suppliers and can actually compile the sundry prices from suppliers.

An important aspect of this consulting role is to assure that the client understands the differences between the contract offers. Under some State Laws they use the term "Suppliers" to refer to energy suppliers, brokers, and aggregators , however there are very important differences between them all.

Energy brokers do not own or distribute energy, nor are allowed to sell energy directly to you. They simply present the rates of a wholesaler, or supplier. More experienced brokers offer a true consulting service. In the USA, the energy industry is becoming flooded with MLM Multilevel Marketing companies where people call themselves energy brokers, but they lack the proper training to offer any kind of useful consulting service. Energy consultants offer a lot more than procuring energy contracts from a supplier.

In the UK and Europe where there is a lot of legislation and increasing pressure for businesses and countries to do more to reduce their energy consumption a lot of services from brokers now help ensure businesses meet a lot of compliance and accreditation requirements such as the ESOS energy saving opportunity scheme , ISO , ISO , Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates.

Other services include helping companies reduce energy consumption with the aim of meeting national and international carbon emission standards. Additional services such as arranging a Power Purchase Agreement , energy export contracts can be procured as well as energy monitoring and reporting technology and solutions are also offered by energy consultants. In the USA, energy brokers can serve residential, commercial and government entities that reside in energy deregulated states.

In the UK , and some countries in Europe , the entire market is deregulated. Energy brokers typically do not charge up front fees to provide rates. If an entity purchases energy through a broker, the broker's fee is usually included in the rate the customer pays.

Some brokers will charge a fixed fee for their consulting services. Energy Brokers provide access to multiple electric and natural gas suppliers which allows them to provide rates much faster than if a consumer were to shop for rates on their own. Since prices must be compared on the same day, this is a very useful service to clients. Since the contract language directly affects the energy price, a good broker can explain the differences between contract offers, such as swing or bandwidth.

The potential to obtain better prices, provided the broker represents a large number of suppliers. Energy brokers may have the ability to bundle, or aggregate, clients who have a similar demand and usage profile to obtain additional leverage over the suppliers when it comes to negotiating rates. Not all energy brokers are consultants; However, the energy brokers who are also consultants will perform a more detailed analysis of a consumers' usage pattern in order to provide a custom rate, which typically results in more cost savings for the consumer.

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