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Well, the European Nintendo Download Update is live, and it's another big 'un. The Switch is packed with high profile downloads which is sure to lead to stiff competition, while there are also some tempting DLC and demo options. As an additional note, you'll notice this article doesn't have all of the new discounts for the week.

Because 'more than ' games have been reduced and it broke the page to try and add them real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang. You can check out the Switch discounts herethough. Thankfully the Switch gets a well optimised version of the 3D platformer that also addresses issues from the initial launch; we were very impressed with it in our Yooka-Laylee review.

Beyond that there's a Sandbox mode where you can do, well, pretty much anything you want. We liked this a lot in our Poly Bridge review. We rather like it in our The End is Nigh review. Recently, Square Enix localised the game for smartphones and the Switch version is presumably based upon the same code. A fan-made translation also appeared recently.

Available from 15th December. That's a lot of fun platforming and matchingand we gave this a lot of praise in our Mutant Mudds Collection review. Aside from that it's all about the infrastructure to add a competitive element to the play, with various online options, multiplayer and challenge modes. You can get three tables for free though two are only free for a limited time, so be real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang to grab the Carnivals and Legends pack right away from the eShopwith many more available to buy, while the TATE vertical layout will be worth trying out.

In this case the focus is realism and accuracy, with this game seeking to digitally recreate classic real-life tables. As with Pinball FX3 there are lots of options to buy individually, with two distinct price brackets of premium and slightly less expensive tables. You get Mary Shelley's Frankenstein included with the free download.

We'll sketch out a review and let you know what we think. There are various weapons and three characters to try out, along with four difficulty settings and support for local co-op. It looks rather fun in footage, and we'll see how well it stacks up in a review. It could be a lot of fun; we'll find out in our review. We gave a modest recommendation to the Wii U version. Available from 16th December.

Despite there being such a wealth of fighting games from the system on the Switch, check out our The Real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang Blade review from the Wii days to understand why this is one of the very best.

Real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang of Azure 2: Half-Genie Hero - Shantae: Let's Sing - Party Classics Vol. This time around we get a TurboGrafx entry in the Bomberman series, and it's pretty darn good especially in multiplayer.

Plenty to choose from this week - let us know what you'll be downloading in the poll and comments below. The Wii U eShop has a load of discounts not mentioned here. And there's a tonne of 3DS sales that are missing too.

We are Fashion Friends! Why do you release all those great VC games so late in the life of a dying platform? Anyway I may get them. In two of them I am eligible to the infimous Wii U VC transfer discount that for some reason still applies.

Got it last month in a PS4 discount and I did not think I'd like it that much. Having played a few hours so far, I honestly hope it sells well, because I think it absolutely deserves that. I picked up Rocket League and Namco Museum from festive offers. There are others I'm interested in but they can wait. I'm sure Blaster Master: Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst will have even better discounts if I wait a bit.

Also downloaded both pinball games on Tuesday. I've already downloaded Pinball FX 3 and been loving it. I'll be buying a few tables over the weekend. I've already downloaded Stern Pinball too but hated it. Deleted it after a few minutes,no fun and overpriced. I'll be adding the long waited Last Blade to my Neo Geo collection and that's about it for this week's releases.

I spotted Steamworld Dig 2 with a nice discount though, I'm not going to let that pass me by. Both Pinball games and that new game demo for me. As well as finally pulling the trigger on the Namco Museum Collection. Been waiting for discount since release. Late I'm curious how much Rocket League had knocked off its price? It won't show me as I've already purchased it. Looking forward to the discounts article. Those 'more than games' will be a hoot to add into one article.

Lroy Namco Museum is great. Will look at Romancing saga 2; however with all the sales may hold off on newly released titles for now. OorWullie Cool, whilst not every game in the collection holds much personal nostalgia for me. It will be a fitting way for me to round out my gaming in A year which has seen me get massively back into arcade games, not least thanks to the Switch and real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang like this and the Hamster Arcade Archives.

The free table is decent enough but I wish there was some way to link it to my Steam account, where I've already payed for the Portal one plus a job lot of others I got in a Humble Bundle. Got the Mutant Mudds Collection because of the preorder discount.

Must not build a backlog, must not build a backlog However, I am going to resist their siren calls. I will probably get The Last Blade, though. I recommend anyone who doesn't already have SteamWorld Dig 2 should definitely jump on it now.

One of the games of the year on Switch. Romancing Saga 2 and Last Blade for me. Yooka Laylee when I can sit down to play it. Bought it myself physical but sold it because I wanted it digitally.

Still worth the full price though. Can't help but feel it would suit Vita's smaller screen better. Am i missing something? Ok, saw the unlock date, sorry for that. Will wait or a yooka layla price drop. Will probably pick up one or 2 small games in the sale though. You forgot to add the Switch game I did not realize Yooka-Laylee was that much, I think it looks good but definitely waiting for that to go on real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang.

Picked up Romancing Saga 2 and Master Blaster. Sort of umming and arring at Rocket Real steel world robot boxing binary editor mustang and Steamworld Dig 2. Tap here to load 41 comments. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment Here's the full list of everything. I want Romancing Saga 2. I may go with the PS4 or Vita version though. Takes me back a good 10 months or so. Yooka Laylee when I can sit down to play it 0. Ok, saw the unlock date, sorry for that 0.

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Children of Men and I Am Legend: The formal similarities of these two films accentuate a stark contrast in how each represents a world shaped by the Anglo-American neoconservative movement. A comparative analysis of Children and Legend provides a glimpse into the political stakes of cultural representations of neoconservatism.

The first section examines the metaphysics of each film. Characteristic of neoconservative ideology, Legend offers the moral palliatives of Christianity to allay and even justify the dubious workings of disaster capitalism. Despite its religious allusions, Children presents amaterialist worldview not ordained by the heavens.

I use their work to illustrate how Children and Legend represent political space in diametrically opposed ways. Children takes place in London in , eighteen years after a pandemic of infertility renders humankind unable to produce offspring.

In the face of impending extinction, Theo Faron Clive Owen , a white, middle-aged bureaucrat, helps Kee Claire-Hope Ashitey , a black, inexplicably pregnant refugee, rendezvous with the Tomorrow , a ship belonging to the Human Project. Only one middle-aged man has supposedly survived the double-catastrophe of plague and monster invasion, Robert Neville Will Smith , an African American Lieutenant Colonel of the U.

Both films are thus set in major Western cities in the near future with main characters who pay the ultimate price hoping to reverse the catastrophic effects of a pandemic that incidentally struck in In a genre prone to religious allegory like end-of-times science fiction, these sacrifices carry Christ-like significance. I problematize reading Children as a religious allegory at the end of this section. For now, I turn to Legend also released during the Christmas season to raise the political implications of its Christ figure.

In the penultimate scene when the dark seekers attack, Neville, Anna, and Ethan convert a walled-in space of his lab into a panic room. Neville typically uses this enclosure to secure infected subjects that he has captured for his vaccination tests. Look, I can save you. I can save — I can help you. You are sick, and I can help you…I can fix this.

I can save everybody…Let me save you! Let me save you! Social de-evolution appears complete. Typical human behavior is now entirely absent. The abrupt pronoun change announces a discursive shift in his rhetoric from science to religion. Such nitpicky attention to linguistic detail might be insignificant in and of itself; however, the next scene indicates that Christ may very well return as a military scientist. The key scene occurs right before the dark seekers attack: Come with us, Neville…to the colony.

Everything just fell apart. There was no evacuation plan… Anna: There is a colony. How do you know, Anna? I said, how do you know? How could you know? He has a plan. Yes…I know how this sounds… Neville: But something told me to turn on the radio. Something told me to come here. My voice on the radio told you to come here, Anna. You were trying to kill yourself last night, right? And I got here just in time to save your life.

He must have sent me here for a reason. The world is quieter now. We just have to listen. Accordingly, he pulls the pin of a grenade and runs at the dark seekers, transforming himself from skeptical scientist to savior-cum-suicide bomber. Because fundamentalists regard their beliefs as knowledge, they can justify any act, however horrific, as divinely sanctioned. Moreover, the fundamentalist conflation of belief with positivistic knowledge imperils the status of belief an ironic inversion of the traditional fear that science undermines religion.

Anna may believe and Neville may convert, but they could also be delusional. Tellingly, the point of view passes from Neville to Anna in this scene, shifting from the subjectivity of a skeptic to the objectivity of a fundamentalist. Anna, the audience is asked to believe, is not a traumatized survivor suffering from supernatural delusions; God has truly spoken to her and sent Neville, as Christ, to die for her.

Robert Neville dedicated his life to the discovery of a cure, and the restoration of humanity. On September 9th, at approximately 8: We are his legacy. This is his legend. Like Neo Keanu Reeves in The Matrix , Neville fulfills his role as chosen one to restore humanity to its prelapsarian state.

In true romantic fashion, the salvation of an individual doubles as the salvation of humanity. Anna, Ethan, and the rest of civilization owe him their existence; they are his legacy. Although infused with religious themes, Children defends the secular principles of the Enlightenment. The next scene, in which Theo questions Kee about her pregnancy, juxtaposes this religious setup.

Cha, be wicked, eh? Her child may be a miracle, but Dylan is certainly not the second coming. Whereas Neville moves from disbelief to faith in a plan God has laid out for him, Theo develops from gullible believer to existential hero, to someone who courageously acts without any metaphysical guarantees.

He takes responsibility for helping Kee reach a human project spearheaded by a group of scientists. Like yin and yang. Or Shiva and Shakti. Look, Julian and Theo. Yeah, there you go. Julian and Theo met among a million protestors in a rally by chance. But they were there because of what they believed in in the first place, their faith.

They wanted to change the world. And their faith kept them together. But by chance, Dylan was born…Their faith put in praxis… Miriam: He was their sweet little dream. He had little hands, little legs, little feet. And in , along came the flu pandemic.

And then, by chance, he was gone. But, you know, everything happens for a reason. But Theo and Julian would always bring Dylan. He loved it here. This scene demonstrates a crucial difference in the two primary characters' belief systems. Miriam is New Ageist. She meditates, prays in a mix of creeds like an omnist, and believes in a universe guided by conflicting binary forces like premodern cosmologies which pit a masculine against a feminine principle. As an aged hippie, Jasper and his supposed witnessing of a UFO — a story Miriam shows extreme interest in hearing — does not appear to offer much of an alternative.

In the above scene, Jasper affirms a dialectical ontology that is at odds with Christian, New Ageist, and naturalistic worldviews. Jasper supports a dialectical ontology by giving Dylan the paradoxical status of an object of both faith and chance. As Marx famously explained: Acting to change contingent circumstances forms the basis of a dialectical ontology, of which Children exemplifies and Legend lacks.

The fact that Legend is a Christian allegory does not make it inimical to a leftist understanding of catastrophe and the cultural representations catastrophe inspires. An apocalyptic film need not be an opiate for the masses. Read exclusively as a Christian allegory, Legend merely develops one strain of the scrambled allegorical code of its cinematic predecessor, The Omega Man Legend should be of concern for leftists not because of its religiosity per se, but for its marriage of fundamentalist Christianity with neoconservatism.

The confluence of Christianity and neoconservatism cannot be properly understood without reference to neoliberalism as a political economic ideology. As David Harvey writes, neoconservatives. In this section, I argue that Children contests the neoliberal ideology that Legend upholds. Ostensibly, Children and Legend say very little about contemporary capitalism. Since the catastrophes in each film are not economic in origin, a straightforward Marxist allegory is not possible.

Christological allegories aside, we simply do not know who or what is ultimately responsible for jump starting the end of the world. The characters in Children discuss possible theories about what caused the infertility but none are verified. The culprit of the mutated virus in Legend is also unclear.

If humanity is culpable, did the government or the private sector fund the genetic modification of the measles virus?