WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up: Strategic Alts, Sniping, Battle Pets & Crowdsourced Data

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It is suggested that you download all of these for complete functionality of TradeSkillMaster. Gold making in World of Warcraft has never been easier with our addon. Trade Skill Master 3 now allows you to filter operations according to number of. Rogue pick pocket gold farm - Popular Rogue pick reddit tradeskillmaster You will be able to take information learned here and use it to. This is to ensure that your rotations are available to you regardless of game updates.

No one likes to lose all their hard work due to addons going haywire or other unfortunate events. Was just wondering if theres a decent general overall guide somewhere. Any tips for gold making as 5-box? Reddit is in revolt, and the front page reddit tradeskillmaster the Internet is essentially locked down. It keeps track of all gold from mobs, and the reddit tradeskillmaster you sell to the vendor, and everything you sell on AH as well.

Shinn's Tales of Gold: No marketing BS or fancy useless tech reddit tradeskillmaster - Just great products, inspired by our players and our experience as world. A blog reddit tradeskillmaster teaches world of warcraft or WoW players how they can make gold. Addon Question - Loot Tracker? TradeSkillMaster reddit tradeskillmaster more powerful but Auctionator is very light and will solve I already told you of some things over on reddit but just got a few more.

Tradeskill Trainer List WoW:: World of Warcraft Flipping in Legion: Reddit tradeskillmaster can create class-specific armors, gain experience, gold, rough astral diamonds, containers with various items All guides are written reddit tradeskillmaster members of the gold-making community, and will work with the current version of TSM.

Our addon is the best of the reddit tradeskillmaster when it comes to making gold in World of Warcraft. Reddit tradeskillmaster It is suggested that you download all of these for complete functionality of TradeSkillMaster. Welcome to the Bizarro World reddit tradeskillmaster Trump Reddit tradeskillmaster on Reddit Rogue pick pocket gold farm - Popular Rogue pick pocket You will be able to take information learned here and use it to.

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Follow these steps to setup the TSM Desktop app and addons: Looking to get in to running Sniper? TSM Knowledgebase Our Knowledgebase has lots of articles and pages with information on aspects of the addon. It's a great place to start with troubleshooting any issues you might be experiencing or learning some more advanced features of the TSM addon suite: This thread serves as the home for more casual and conversational discussions and quick-fire questions.

It will be replaced every other day to keep it current. See the first thread for more information on the watercooler purpose. First time having this amount of gold, what should I do? Hello, Im a very noob goblin. I got k from farming daggermaws in Darkmoon Faire. My main goal is getting enough money to buy a WoW token. What should i do? Should I continue on farming or are there other things i can do now? Hello team, yesterday I think I hit my easter jackpot by geting a bunch of dmoon rabbit drops.

I was super hyped and etc, but then I thougt how do I turn it into gold fast and efficiently. Should I put all of them on sale at once with different chars , or try selling them 1 by 1?? Any good suggestions would help a lot: I had a question brewing long time ago: DD I think a lot of you sorted this time long ago, bcoz I still use my mouse hovering on skill. I just bought a Moonfall Wristwraps off the AH for 31g after my sniper picked it up as a good deal. These are ordinary cloth wrists; however the variant I picked up are ilvl epics.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before, and I can't find out any information about them. Does anyone have a clue what they might be? I've looked but haven't seen exactly what I'm looking for so I thought I would ask here. Looking for a bag addon that puts certain items in certain spots in my bag.

I like certain things in certain areas. All my glyphs here, all my raw materials there, gems and enchant here, toys there, etc. What I'd like to do is assign items either by type, or by name to specific "zones" in my bag, so when ever I pickup something, whether it's from looting or the mail, if I've designated a "zone" the item will automatically go there.

I'm assuming that if the zones are full then it defaults to a "default" zone area. I just bought a guardian cub for k EU , is it the sort of thing I should be posting about beyond just the AH? First time buying anything of this kind of value so not sure how to go about it. To be honest not even certain how good a price it was, but figured it was worth a punt. Is there a discord or website where people offer these things?

I'm not too bothered about which server I sell on if the price is right. Google has failed me Is there a way to add items to a group by ID or some other method for adding items that doesnt require you to have one in your bags? Mobile Armory App might not work after most recent update on iOS self. Just updated Mobile Armory App to 8. Just wanted to warn fellow goblins to be weary if you check auctions throughout the day to not update the app for now. I got a Discord for goblins if anyone is interested!

Just thought I would share my discord channel. If anyone is interested in broking the AH cross-realm with me don't be afraid to join! How much shuffling is too much? Hello all, new to this sub and to being a goblin in the first place. Just spending a few minutes on the AH I can see an easy small risk small return shuffle for my jewelcrafter of buying raws and turning them into gems. I can make between g profit per gem on my server by doing this.

My question is how much is too much? I could easily just buy out the highest profit margin raw with all my gold and convert, but I don't want to throw tons of gold at that in case it goes south even though the finished product sells often. How do I add a person to my friendlist, from the auction house in World of Warcraft? Reasoning for this question, is that some people have very strange symbols in theire name, and it's either very hard or impossible to add them to the friendlist without targeting theire charecter and adding them from that method.

New Expansion coming, should i liquidate or pile goods? Hello there, I started getting into TSM and flipping stuff for a month now, and in anticipation of Battle for Azeroth i have a question about the time shortly before a new expansion. Im currently asking myself whether its smart to keep buying things that have a long turnaroung time When the prepatch hits im assuming the price of everything will drop because Legion stuff will become obsolete and people want to get rid of it With the experience of past expansions is that assumption correct?

Because then it would be smart to amass gold instead of goods right now and then buy tons of stuff when the prepatch hits because it will be cheap. What have your experiences been in past expansions, and are you hoarding goods like hexweave bags , tokens, mounts, pets and other stuff that keeps value or will you do that when the prepatch comes? So after learning about how much gold you can make off of order hall and alts, I went full throttle into it but now I am having trouble keeping up with the resource farming for my alts.

Do you guys have any tips on how to maximize resources? Right now I attach a bodyguard with world quest resources. Hello guys im new to wow and i saw a video on yt about selling Plans darkrune helm,leggings,gauntlets etc. So i was wondering if anyone is doing same thing to share experience with me. Is it worth it because i didnt sell anything and its been 6 days now. Should i continue with that or find another way to make gold?

Given the recent reports of Blizzard happily swinging their ban hammer against legitimate Goblins I was wondering:. It seems like Blizzard has banned people for buying large quantities of trade goods from the AH, multiboxing, guild transfers between servers and so on.

Activities which I believe are within the ToS. Does anyone know of effective methods that would allow a Goblin to recover their empire in the event of an unwarranted ban? What about professions and your recipes? Do auctions listed on the AH go to your mail and then delete after 30 days or? I assume the first offence is a 6 month ban - is that correct? The basics I've heard is to store everything in a Guild Bank. The Guild needs a friend or alt on a different bnet to also be in the Guild and to have a Rank of 3 or higher.

Hello all, very new to this subreddit and I figured some of you helpful folks can give me some guidance. I always loved running old dungeons not really for gold but just something to do for fun. I main a Prot paladin, with enchanting and tailoring so I generally run some old vanilla dungeons for transmog or disenchant but I'd like to start making some money. Any tips or any input? Sorry if this is obvious somewhere, I have googled it for a while and have not come across anything.

Or do you have to click every single different sale? I know that if the same seller has, say stacks of 1 item, you can max buy with scroll wheel etc. Is there any way to filter out the items that have the speed set on them in the AH? Im trying to set up speed sets on all my characters and the easiest way for that seems to be to just buy items that procced speed of the AH.

So i was wondering if i could somehow "search" for those items instead of scrolling through the pages. Alt to use BFA boost to focus on gold. I only have 3 characters at level , rogue, dh and dk because I find leveling extremely painful. I was wondering what class should I use my BFA boost on if my aim is to get gold from this boosted character won't probably be changing my main rogue so fun is not a factor in the decision.

Is there any class that significantly give you advantage in terms of gold making? The only one I can think of is druid. Sad wrongful ban while multiboxing self. Today I'm speaking out on a recent ban I received for "cheating". I'm hoping the community support I may gather will be enough to gain a second look from somebody higher, because my ticket is being refused to be escalated.

I also know many other multiboxers have been targeted recently incorrectly, and to my knowledge most have gotten there stuff back, though a couple like me have gotten the cold shoulder. This is not okay. I've been banned many many many times for "botting", because multiboxing has this negative stigma from prior people and many people are just confused on how it works the basics are compared and explained later. A couple weeks ago, I was farming silithus when GMs decided to mess with me and move my toons, I reacted by saying "rude" and moving them back to where they roughly were; within a few minutes after this happened I watched each account start to get banned for "cheating".

Let's break this down for everybody in case people don't fully understand how multiboxing works and why it's NOT botting. Multiboxing allows you to send 1 key press to all your instances of WoW. So if I press 2 and i have an ability keybound to 2 it will send that to all my accounts, so if i have multishot bound to 2 on all the accounts, it will multishot for everybody. Some people may say "but that sounds like botting".

I know CKS is a popular thing among the gold farming community, and those same people might not like or understand multiboxing. I hate to break it to you, but you're doing the SAME thing, multiboxing is just doing this on a bigger scale.