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I fell for trend trader too and lost lots of money but stopped it before I blew my whole account. I too watched all the YouTube reviews and got scammed. I thought I was doing my research and doing everything properly but still fell in the trap!!! So angry but I have to learn from this. I guess it's even harder for newbies cause you have no idea who is genuin anymore it's actually scary seems like everyone is out there to scam you!!!

You guys of course something called trend trader would be a scam. You are more likely to find a unicorn than you will find a trend. Trends do not exist. There are ranges and statistical extremes.

Huge difference on how you will see the market, react and interpret it. I feel lost now with all these stories. I don't know Louis. At this point I decided to cash me out. Being a student living in the UK was not comfortable for me. I tried to increase my income. And started forex trading. To learn more registered with a company call wm option. I started with and made in a week.

The forced to invest 5k by Dino draggy trusted binary reviews scam wm option. Trusted binary reviews scam lost all of it by a single trade. Then again Trusted binary reviews scam tried to recover it but couldn't trusted binary reviews scam it by spending 1k. Then I stopped and move on a new trader call iq option. Where I used to invest small amount I was gaining profit and loosing it st the same time. I thought I learnt binary trading while started investing I was gaining profit and one day started loosing it as I failed to catch the market.

This way I lost 10k gbp. I got my new baby boy at the same time. I was struggling from that time to recover that money but failed every day trusted binary reviews scam spending gbp. Again my emotional stability was lost and my return was zero. Trusted binary reviews scam forgot to mention trusted binary reviews scam gbp I managed to earn gbp in one day but lost it within hour.

I tried every way to remain on forex trading. Now I realise it was a wrong decision for be to do this. I will suggest to the trusted binary reviews scam people who always wish to earn money not to invest here.

You will be punished if you do so. Do not trust binary. It ruins most of the human life. It not for the good people. Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: January edited January in Complaints. I am so mad! Don't listen to these trusted binary reviews scam guys they took my money and they will take yours too!

Trusted Binary Review Louis Harris binary robot scam binary option scam. Hello sorry I can't believe you fell for thatI would never let any bot trade for me ever. But I do go on YouTube and watch all these scammer affiliates Louis, Keith from option xpert 10, subscribers by the way and Andy from Trusted binary reviews and trusted binary reviews scam more.

Everytime I leave comments or links in there comments section,yup you guessed it. Deleted then reported for being a spammer. Also you might want to check out binary trusted binary reviews scam watchdog because that is a scam website. Set up by scammers. Centument is being endorsed by watchdog and everyone is saying thanks watchdog we love you ,thanks for finding us this software.

I made account there and left comments to say it's crap,but yup my comment got deleted. I find it so hard to fight against these scammers. All I want to do is save one person from being scammed,but no one listens to me,so they learn the hard way. I listen I agree and I am with you. Those groups of affiliates scammers are a waste of time. They are not real traders and know zero about trading.

If they had to trade for a living they would not last long as the skills of a marketer are the inverse of a trader. A trader needs to be honest with himself in order to profit and see the truth of whats going on, if they can trusted binary reviews scam do that they they will not develop the discipline and patience it requires to trade profitably.

Yes, I am sorry to say but you are correct people like Louis, Keith, just work in the land of affiliates scammers.

This is the quickest way for them to jump on something and sell it with a smile I signed up to cash camp as the chap was Australianand Gold digger Whenever I put put a negative comment on watchdog, it would never be posted etc etc. I am thinking of starting my trusted binary reviews scam web sight to put out there what the crap is etc. I have tried many bots and auto trades, guess what they never ever work.

Best advice I was given was the following "Learn how to trade yourself, and then start with a demo, then when you make money move to a live account" I am at the point of trading with a demo, but I will get there as I have the discipline and patience to trade profitably.

That is very good advice brianmcm. He looks like he just crawled out of a sewerage pipe the little rat. Ooooooops - sorry - I forgot I trusted Michael Freeman. Take the time and make the effort and learn how to consistently read the market - it will be worth it. I tried to print out my account so I could take a good, hard look at my stats, how I was doing, and only half the page would print. Some one, maybe Mifune, wrote that it's important to be very honest with yourself about how you are performing.

But I think I'll have to copy the stats by hand - blerkkk. June edited June Every thing is a scam, scam system, scam strategy Hi guys, I nearly fell for the same as we all want to make our money go a little further, but it was only by chance I came across these two Youtube clips, one was Keith on his Scam Reviews site Scam reviews huh!

This is my first post on this type of forumbut I too want something to make my money workI lost a lot of money with a scam system software called ATSthat seems to be no longer trusted binary reviews scamso I'm very very cautious and try and do a lot of research like you allbut it seems you cannot get to the wood for the trees, ie scam reviews, and the amount of people that piss in the same pot!!! Take a look for yourself.

It does make me wonder who you can trust out of all these reviews? Please guys go careful. I do like the look of Option Bot 3 to use as support and resistance indicators but need to do more research, as you are making judgments by whats on the screen, is this real????? Can it be changed if you start winning etc.? Keep safe don't be fooled out there.

November edited November I will take care of that trusted binary reviews scam investing. These types of thread always help for new traders. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.

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