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This article describes some common Undefined transform options marketplace deployment errors you may encounter, and provides information to resolve the errors. If you cannot find the error code for your deployment error, see Find error code. Validation errors arise from scenarios that can be determined before deployment. They include syntax errors in your template, or trying to deploy resources that would exceed your subscription quotas.

Deployment errors arise from conditions that occur during the deployment process. They include trying to access a resource that is being deployed in parallel.

Both types of errors return an error code that you use to troubleshoot the deployment. Both types of errors appear in the activity log. However, validation errors do not appear in your deployment history because the deployment never started. Select the message for more details. In the following image, you see an InvalidTemplateDeployment error and a message that indicates a policy blocked deployment.

When the operation passes validation, but fails during deployment, you see the error in the notifications. You see more details undefined transform options marketplace the deployment. Select the option to find more information about the error. You see the error message and error codes. Notice there are two error codes. The first error code DeploymentFailed is a general error that doesn't provide the details you need to solve the error. The second error code StorageAccountNotFound provides the details you need.

Sometimes you need more information about the request and response to learn what went wrong. This information can help you determine whether a value in the template is being incorrectly set. In some cases, the easiest way to troubleshoot your template is to test parts of it.

You can create a simplified template that enables you to focus on the part that you believe is causing the error.

For example, suppose you are receiving an error when referencing a resource. Rather than dealing with an entire template, create a template that returns the part that may be causing your problem.

It can help you determine whether you are passing in the right parameters, using template functions correctly, and getting the resource you expect. Or, suppose you are encountering deployment errors that you believe are related to incorrectly set dependencies. Test your template by breaking it into simplified templates. First, create a template that deploys only a single resource like a SQL Server.

Undefined transform options marketplace you are sure you have that resource correctly defined, add a resource that depends on it like a SQL Database. When you have those two resources correctly defined, add other dependent resources like auditing policies. In between each test deployment, delete the resource group to make sure you adequately testing the dependencies.

Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. For more information on this change, please read our blog post. Retry the request at a later time, or request a different VM size. Undefined transform options marketplace and allocation issues for Linux and Provisioning and allocation issues for Windows AnotherOperationInProgress Wait for concurrent operation to complete. AuthorizationFailed Your account or service principal does not have sufficient access to complete the deployment.

Check the role your account belongs to, and its access for the deployment scope. Check the inner status message for help with troubleshooting. Undefined transform options marketplace reference and Supported locations Conflict You undefined transform options marketplace requesting an operation that is not permitted in the resource's current state.

For example, disk resizing is allowed only when creating a VM or when the VM is deallocated. DeploymentActive Wait for concurrent deployment to this resource group to complete. DeploymentFailed The DeploymentFailed error is a general error that does not provide the details you need to solve the error.

Look in the error details for an error code that provides more information. Find error code DeploymentQuotaExceeded If you reach the limit of undefined transform options marketplace per resource group, delete deployments from the history that are no longer needed. Deleting an entry from the deployment history does not undefined transform options marketplace the deploy resources. Either provide a different name, or modify the existing record.

InUseSubnetCannotBeDeleted You may encounter this error when attempting to update a resource, but the request is processed by deleting and creating the resource. Make sure to specify all unchanged values.

You can only get the token from the tenant that your account belongs to. InvalidContentLink You have most likely attempted to link to a nested template that is not available. Double check the URI you provided for the nested template. If the template exists in a storage account, make sure the URI is accessible. You may need to pass a SAS token. Linked templates InvalidParameter One of the values you provided for a resource does not match the expected value.

This error can result from many different conditions. For example, a password may be insufficient, or a blob name may be undefined transform options marketplace. Check the error message to determine which value needs to be corrected. InvalidRequestContent Your deployment undefined transform options marketplace either include values that are not undefined transform options marketplace or are missing required values.

Confirm the values for your resource type. Template undefined transform options marketplace InvalidRequestFormat Enable debug logging when executing the deployment, and verify the contents of the request. Debug logging InvalidResourceNamespace Check the resource namespace you specified in the type property.

Template reference InvalidResourceReference The resource either does not yet exist or is incorrectly referenced. Check whether you need to add a dependency. Verify that your use of the reference function includes the required parameters for your scenario. Resolve dependencies InvalidResourceType Check the resource type you specified in the type property.

Template reference InvalidSubscriptionRegistrationState Register your subscription with the resource provider. Resolve registration InvalidTemplate Check your template undefined transform options marketplace for errors. Resolve circular dependencies LinkedAuthorizationFailed Check if your account belongs to the same tenant as the resource group you are deploying to.

Check that you provide all required values for the resource ID, including subscription ID, resource group name, resource type, parent resource name if neededand resource name. LocationRequired Provide a location for your resource. Set location MismatchingResourceSegments Make sure nested resource has correct number of segments in name and type.

Resolve resource segments MissingRegistrationForLocation Check resource provider registration status, and supported locations.

Resolve registration MissingSubscriptionRegistration Register your subscription with the resource provider. Resolve registration NotFound You may be attempting to deploy a dependent resource in parallel with a parent resource.

Check if you need undefined transform options marketplace add a undefined transform options marketplace. Resolve dependencies OperationNotAllowed The deployment is attempting an operation that exceeds the quota for the subscription, resource group, or region.

If possible, revise your deployment to stay within the quotas. Otherwise, consider requesting a change to your quotas. Resolve quotas ParentResourceNotFound Make undefined transform options marketplace a parent resource exists before creating the child resources. Change IP address to avoid reserved range. Change IP address to fall within subnet range. When updating a resource, limit your changes to permitted properties. Update resource RequestDisallowedByPolicy Your subscription includes a resource policy that prevents an action you are trying to perform during deployment.

Find the policy that blocks the action. If possible, modify your deployment to meet the limitations from the policy. Resolve policies ReservedResourceName Provide a resource name that does not include a undefined transform options marketplace name.

ResourceGroupNotFound Check the undefined transform options marketplace of the target resource group for the deployment. It must already exist in your subscription. Check your subscription context. Verify that your use of the reference function includes the parameters required for your scenario. Resolve references ResourceQuotaExceeded The deployment is attempting to create resources that exceed the quota for the subscription, resource group, or region.

If possible, revise your infrastructure to stay within the quotas. Resolve storage account name StorageAccountAlreadyTaken Provide a unique name for the storage account. Resolve storage account name StorageAccountNotFound Check the subscription, resource group, and name of the storage account you are attempting to use.

When deploying multiple NICs, make sure they belong to undefined transform options marketplace same virtual network. Cross resource group deployment Find error code There are two types of errors you can receive: Validation errors When deploying through the portal, you see a validation error after submitting your values. Deployment errors When the operation passes validation, but fails during deployment, you see the error in the notifications.

Enable debug logging Sometimes you need more information about the request and response to learn what went wrong.

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