Deploying Linux: Should you pre-compile binaries or roll your own?

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You can download the source and binary distributions from the Google Code project site. The executables will be in the bin folder, the pdf documentation in the doc folder, and example scripts in the cookbook folder.

Tesseroids uses the build tool SCons. A SConstruct file Makefile equivalent is used to define the compilation rules. You will have to download and install SCons in order to easily compile Tesseroids. Building should work the same on both platforms. SCons using pre compiled binaries that you have Python installed.

Check the SCons website for more information. It is usually located in the Scripts directory of your Python installation. On Windows it will search for an existing compiler. First, download a source distribution. Unpack the archive anywhere you want e. To compile, go to the directory where you unpacked e. The executables will be placed on a bin folder. After the compilation, a program called tesstest will be using pre compiled binaries in the directory where you unpacked the source.

This program runs all the unit tests in the test directory. If all tests pass, the compilation probably went well. If any test fails, please submit a bug with the output of tesstest. Tesseroids license Citation Changelog Changes in version 1. About coordinate systems Gravitational fields of a tesseroid Numerical integration Gravitational fields of a prism in spherical coordinates Recommended reading References Using Tesseroids A note about heights and units Getting help information Computing the using pre compiled binaries effect of a tesseroid The -a flag Verbose and logging to files Comments and provenance information Generating regular grids Automatic model generation Calculating the total mass of using pre compiled binaries model Computing the effect of rectangular prisms in Cartesian coordinates Piping Cookbook Calculate the gravity gradient tensor from a DEM Simple prism model in Cartesian coordinates Simple tesseroid model Convert a tesseroid model to prisms and calculate in spherical coordinates Convert a tesseroid model to prisms and calculate in Cartesian coordinates Using tesslayers to make a tesseroid model of a stack of layers.

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Sometimes, it is necessary to create packages from existing binaries, like binaries from third parties, or previously built by another process or team not using conan, so building from sources is not wanted. You would want to package local files in two situations:. For this use case, it is possible to use conan export-pkg command directly.

A conan recipe is still needed, in this case it will be very simple, just the meta information of the package. A basic recipe can be created with the conan new command:. This method can be further customized to provide other build flags typically conditioned to the settings. This package recipe can be also extended to provide support for more configurations for example, adding options: In this case, having a complete conan recipe, with the detailed retrieval of the binaries could be the preferred way, because it has better reproducibility, and the original binaries might be traced.

Such a recipe would be like:. Typically, pre-compiled binaries come for different configurations, so the only task that the build method has to implement is to map the settings to the different URLs. Upgrading to conan 1. You would want to package local files in two situations: When it is not possible to build the packages from sources only pre-built binaries available. When you are developing your package locally and want to export the built artifacts to the local cache.

This way you can keep your build cache if you are using an IDE or calling locally to the conan build command. A basic recipe can be created with the conan new command: Such a recipe would be like: Note This is a normal conan package, even if the binaries are being retrieved from somewhere. The recommended approach is using conan create , and have a small consuming project besides the above recipe, to test locally, then upload the conan package with the binaries to the conan remote with conan upload.

The same building policies apply. Having a recipe will fail if no conan packages are created, and the --build argument is not defined. If they are external internet , it could be better to create the packages and store them in your own conan server, so builds do not rely on the third party URL being available.

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