Valuation of American call options on dividend-paying stocks: Empirical tests

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BollenJournal of Futures Markets, forthcoming. Journal of Portfolio Management 40 Fall SmithReview of Financial Studies 26 valuation of american call options on dividend-paying stocks empirical tests, Put option exercise and short stock interest arbitrage with K. BarracloughJournal of Investment Management 11 Early exercise of put options on stocks with K. BarracloughJournal of Valuation of american call options on dividend-paying stocks empirical tests 67 August Stock option contract adjustments: The case of special dividends with K.

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International Review of Finance 9 DecemberLead article. Political regimes, business cycles, seasonalities, and returns with J. Journal of Banking and Finance 33 Hedge fund risk dynamics: Implications for performance appraisal valuation of american call options on dividend-paying stocks empirical tests N. BollenJournal of Finance 64 April Regulation fair disclosure and the cost of adverse selection with B.

WillisJournal of Accounting Research 46 June Failure to Exercise Call Options: An Anomaly and a Trading Game with V. StollJournal of Financial Markets 11Lead article. The persistent presidential dummy with J. Smith valuation of american call options on dividend-paying stocks empirical tests, Journal of Portfolio Management 33 Winter Ownership, competition, and financial disclosure with J.

SmithAustralian Journal of Management 31 December Measuring the inventory-holding premium with N. SmithJournal of Financial Economics 72 April Does net buying pressure affect the shape of implied volatility functions? BollenJournal of Finance 59 April SmithJournal of Futures Markets 23 August Implications for investor trading costs with S.

SmithJournal of Empirical Finance 10 May In Handbook of the Economics of Finance: A new game in town with M. BeneishJournal of Portfolio Management 28 Fall Valuation of currency options when exchange rates shift regimes with N. GrayJournal of Econometrics 94 Do expirations of Hang Seng index futures affect stock market volatility with N. BollenPacific-Basin Finance Journal 7 Valuation, risk characteristics, and an application with S.

GrayAustralian Journal of Management 24 June Simulating supply with N. Also in Corporate Hedging in Theory and Practice: Lessons from MetallgesellschaftC. BollenJournal of Portfolio Management 25 Fall Empirical tests with B. FlemingJournal Finance 53 December Options MarketsG. Also in Hedging with Trees: GrayJournal of Derivatives 4 Fall Expiration-day effects of the All Ordinaries Share Price index futures: Empirical evidence and alternative settlement procedures with H.

StollAustralian Journal of Management 22 December Assessing goodness-of-fit of asset pricing models: The distribution of the maximal R-squared with F. SmithJournal of Finance June BeneishJournal of Portfolio Management Winter The effects of changing the rules with M. BeneishJournal of Finance December Trading costs and the relative rates of price discovery in the stock, futures and options market with J. OstdiekJournal of Futures Markets 16 June Predicting stock market volatility: A new measure with J.

OstdiekJournal of Futures Markets 15 May Arbitrage-Induced or Statistical Illusion? MuthuswamyJournal of Finance 49 June SmithJournal of Futures Markets 14 June Assessing the costs of regulation: The case of dual trading with T. SmithJournal of Law and Economics 37 April The value of wildcard options with J.

FlemingJournal of Finance 49 March Predictability of stock index basis changes, Review of Futures Markets 12 On computing portfolio returns, Review of Futures Markets 12 Derivatives on market volatility: Hedging tools long overdue, Journal of Derivatives 1 Fall Stocks, futures and options during October with A.

KleidonJournal of Finance 47 July HarveyJournal of Financial Economics 30 February HarveyJournal of Futures Markets 12 April HarveyJournal of Finance 46 September The dynamics of stock index and stock index futures returns with H.

Also in Futures MarketsA. Stock market structure and volatility with H. StollReview of Financial Studies 3 Spring Intraday price change and trading volume relations in the stock and stock option markets with J. StephanJournal of Finance 45 March Program trading and individual stock returns: Ingredients of the triple witching brew with H.

Futures and options on stock indexes: Economic purpose, arbitrage, and market structure with H. StollReview of Futures Markets 7 On the valuation of American put options on dividend-paying stocks with G. Stock index futures and options:

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